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Not only accommodations, but some of the world’s best local big and small attractions alike, can be found throughout the site. Admittedly, through a relatively small number of links we do collect a commission, and we along with our affiliates appreciate your business. Most links, however, are provided solely for your benefit as a traveler, and we would like to thank you on behalf of the world’s best local establishments as well!

Historical information on given destinations is provided as we feel it is quite useful and fulfilling to have background knowledge on a given locality prior to departure. Preserving local history, and respecting heritages and cultures, are primary focuses as well.

Arguably, experiences are greater than material items, so we feel it is worthwhile to browse (menus especially, yum!) and make informed decisions. Group travel can be rewarding. Penthouses, believe it or not, can be less costly accommodations when pooling travel funds. With a eye toward penthouses, we strive to provide you with references to the world’s most reputable accommodations and local businesses.

Keep in mind that references are provided for a range of travel budgets, always with a focus on quality.

For fun, let’s take a look a just a few examples.




Priciest – Le Bristol Paris

Cost per night (Imperial Suite) $30,138

Le Bristol Paris has the Crème de la Crème of penthouses. At 2,852 square feet, Le Bristol’s Imperial Suite offers quantity as well as quality. 2 dressing rooms, a bathroom with a double washbasin, a separate shower and a steam room are just a few of its features.

Le Bristol




Most Incredible – The Coral Penthouse – Rio De Janeiro

Cost per person (fourteen people): $84 per night

The Coral Penthouse boasts 4,199 square feet and 6 bedrooms, as well as panoramic sea, city, mountain and garden views. It comes with a terrace, a barbecue, pay-per-view-channels, a safe, a washing machine, tile/marble flooring and more. You’ll get amazing Rio views with this remarkable penthouse.

The Coral Penthouse




Most Unique – Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Cost per night (underwater Poseidon/Neptune Suite): $4,094

These are two of the most unique and exciting suites in the world. They feature an elevator that connects the upper living area to the below bedroom, which has direct views of an underwater world, a massive lagoon that holds over 60,000 underwater fish and creatures.

Most Unique Hotel

Poseidon Underwater Suite




We hope you find your perfect accommodation somewhere throughout the site. Happy travels!

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  1. Wow, just wow. 30K a night, I could only dream about staying in a place like that. I love how you have such a wide selection!. There are tons of things in my price range here too. It must be fun getting to talk about all these amazing places and show them off to the world. Might I ask what inspired you to get into this field? It looks like a lot of work.

    1. Hi Arron the best thing is that there’s something for everyone when we’re talking penthouses, no matter the budget. This is one of the many reasons that inspired getting into this field. Thanks for the comments!

  2. There is nothing as good as deriving pick pleasure even when we find ourselves out of our confirm  zone. That’s where penthouse needs to be considered. These are  amazing penthouses I will like to stay anytime I found myself near the location for either summer, project trip or excursion. I love the pictures of all of them. Each of them have many mouth opening features and offer and the payments price per night looks reasonable. I can’t wait to explore them all. If a group want to Lodge inside one of the penthouses that accommodate grouped people, is the payment amount going to be shared among each of them or individual will pay that stated amounts ?

    1. Hi Stella, if you’re traveling in a group this would be the cost if and when splitting. Of course you are not obliged to travel in a group, but doing so keeps costs much lower so that you can go enjoy other things in any given city. Thank you for stopping by and for the comments!

  3. Those penthouses sure are luxurious – from the top of the line amenities to grandiose interior would’ve make any client desires to experience it. Yes, it can be pricey because you not only will you get the best service but feels what it’s like to spend time in splendour. Penthouses are designed with great placements, spacious and magnificent indoors, and the most comfortable stay. 

    Home NYC is my top choice which feature a rustic high end interior. The price is understandable considering its location. The welcoming package is a great way to make guests feel important and privilege at the same time. I believe that the best travel is not fully achieve without the best accommodation that these penthouses offer. It’s all amazing! Thanks for your suggestion, it’ll be easier for your readers to choose which is suitable for their budget, needs, or preference. 

    1. Hi MissusB you’re welcome. Glad you found Home NYC much as we did with a nice rustic, homey interior. Thank you for the comments and happy travels out there!

  4. Wow, great recommendation for vacation rentals.
    LeBristolParis is so beautiful! How I wish I have a chance to stay there one day when I’m in Paris 🙂
    I have been to Rio De Janeiro, we did not stay in the penthouse, we stayed in the regular rooms. The hotel is great.
    Thank you for your recommendations. I have booked marked your site for my reference.
    Our family loves to travel.

  5. Well thank you for compiling all the best penthouses in the world. Your site is very helpful when I want to check certain penthouse in certain city, both for business trip or holiday purpose. It’s interesting to know the most notable penthouses, such as the most expensive and incredible one. The Rio de Janeiro seems nice with very affordable price. This make me want to plan next year holiday to that city

  6. These are some gorgeous penthouses.

    We have a vacation coming up soon, and now I’m considering the Coral Penthouse, in Rio De Janeiro. We always vacation as a large group of friends and family, and this seems to offer the space we need while giving a nice sense of luxury.

    Will defiantly have to run this by our group, but I’m sure they will agree, this is the one.

    Thank You for letting us know about this penthouse, we may not have found it otherwise.

  7. Wow thank you for this website. I think that having a place where the best and most luxurious penthouses and rental homes are compiled iOS awesome to have access to. Thank you for having putting some examples as it gives one an idea what to expect.

    I think it’s good to know there are affordable options  out there for large parties and groups of people.

  8. What an incredible variety of prices for luxury accommodations.  I appreciate how you have taken into account different budgets of travelers, helping all to realize it is possible to travel in luxury without complete breaking the bank.  The summary of each room/penthouse is just enough to want to explore this more, which I will certainly do.  I now have a new website for my travels.  Nicely done! 

  9. Wow, what a selection of penthouses spread across the world, with prices ranging from $30,138 per night, how many does that accommodate?, I’m tempted !! Only joking of course. Only if I win the lottery, I like the look of the Starry Night penthouse it is reasonably priced, it accommodates four people so we could bring family or friends, I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam, we live in Ireland so it would just be a short flight.After that the Reserve Collection in Chicago sounds nice, it’s a city with lots of Irish connections so that would tempt me also. Have you stayed in any of these penthouses yourself, I’d love to hear your experience.



  10. This is what I was looking for to see while going vacation. All prices are based on their location reasonable and penthouse itself are really impressive. My choice would be Amsterdam Starry Night Penthouse.

    You’ve put all together to showcase the secret of Beauty,Value and View to the viewer these aye catching and Seductive pent house. people would definitely be eager to come to the trip. Thank you for this post

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