Hotels in Ibiza

Hotels in Ibiza offer incredible accommodations and views upon a location nicknamed “White Island”, a reference likely due to its early days of salt-production. Known best for its electric nightlife, Ibiza also offers the chance to view old-world structures such as with Dalt Vila, or Ibiza’s Old Town. With its stone walls, steep cobbled streets, narrow alleyways and 16th-century fortress, which overlooks the city, Dalt Vila is a must-see. Hotels in Ibiza indeed are some of the most exciting you’ll find anywhere.  And with its beaches, scenic beauty, restaurants and of course parties, Ibiza makes for one of the most up-beat, entertaining trips out there. Furthermore, in the island’s northernmost section, you may find a more laid-back village named Portinatx, where exists sandy beaches, turquoise seas, nature and parks. Before we get to hotels in Ibiza, let’s take a look at some more background information on the island to help you along the way.

Ibiza’s establishment dates to 654 B.C., when Phoenician settlers founded a port. During Roman times the island was under the control of Carthage, and in 902, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the island was conquered by the Moors. In 1235, the island was again conquered, this time by King James I The Conqueror, resulting in the deportation of its Muslim population, and the arrival of Christians from Girona.

A Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is 93 miles southeast of Valencia, off of Spain’s central coast. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, and is a part of the lesser Pine Islands. With average high temperatures ranging from around 86 degrees Fahrenheit in August to roughly 60 degrees in January, Ibiza’s climate is considered hot-summer Mediterranean. A famous former Ibiza resident was film director Orson Welles. Ibiza’s native language is Eivissenc, with English, French, German and Italian also widely spoken. Nightlife is one of the main draws regarding tourism. The island is roughly 220 square miles in area. Major points of interest include Ibiza Town, Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Pacha, Privilege (formerly Ku), Amnesia and DC10. Popular foods include Sofrit Pagés, which is a traditional Spanish stew combining lamb, chicken and sausages, Arros de Matanca, also a stew, Paella de Marisco, or seafood paella, Bullit de peix, a fish stew typically calling for monkfish, grouper or rotja and Flaó, which is a type of pastry, to name a few. The most popular drink here is Hierbas Ibicencas, or “Ibizan Herbs”, which is an herbal liqueur that has been around the island for 200 years, concocted from local herbs and botanicals. Now that we have some background information, it’s time to get you to hotels in Ibiza that are sure to amaze.




One Ibiza Suites

Periodista Francisco Escanelles 20 83

Hotels in Ibiza

What’s around?

One Ibiza Suites offers a seasonal outdoor pool, a sun terrace, an Adults-only rooftop sun terrace with a heated infinity pool, a bar, sea views, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, terraces, balconies, hairdryers, free WiFi, a fitness center, a conference room, a 24-hour front desk and a restaurant. Nearby you may find So Yum (restaurant), Pizza Romana, Erxa Ibiza (boutique), Bar Restaurante Moncayo, Doc Tattoo Ibiza Collective, Casa 13 Piadina (restaurant), Jacks Pub, Bar Brindis (down home cooking restaurant), Huaca Huaca Africano Restaurante, Platja de ses Figueretes (beach), Es Xiringuito Figueretas (bar), Bar Jazz Alameda, Cafe de Hoeck (pub), Gagliardo cafe Ibiza (Italian restaurant), Beccafico Kitchen Bar, Home Loos (tapas bar), Bar CHAOS, Coolture Cafe (bar), Ginger Poke (health food restaurant), Frigidarium (ice cream shop), Cosmic Bar, All In (cocktail bar), Retró Gusto (restaurant), Azúcar (night club), Bar Rute (bar), Bar Infinity, Brasas Nicole (restaurant), Rincón Manabita (Ecuadorian restaurant), Bar Z (tapas bar) and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Figueretas Beach, 0.8 miles from Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, 0.9 miles from Ibiza Cathedral, 1 mile from Ibiza Port, 1.2 miles from Santos Coast Club and Dalt Vila, 1.4 miles from Bora Bora Ibiza and Marina Botafoch, 1.5 miles from Pacha and Aguamar Water Park, 1.6 miles from Ushuaia Ibiza, 3.8 miles from Privilege Ibiza and 3.4 miles from Ibiza Airport.

Approximate cost per night (grand premium suite): $533

Cost per person (four people): $134




Apartamentos Llobet

Alejandro Llobet

Hotels in Ibiza

Figueretas Beach

Apartamentos Llobet features an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a popular restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi, a terrace, sea views, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a kitchen. You’ll see Carnes J. Morato (butcher shop), KALOS Italian Wine Restaurant, Tabacos (restaurant), Estanco ibiza11 (tobacco shop), Restaurante Arrocería Es Arcs (Mediterranean restaurant), The Booo (hamburger restaurant), Mil y Una Noche Ibiza (hookah bar), Loveat Ibiza (Italian restaurant), EROSKI (supermarket), Cafeteria Osiris Snack Bar (bar & grill), Assaporami (pizza restaurant), Es Tast (restaurant), Las Flores (brewpub), Ibiza Boat Party (event ticket seller), Mi Sushi Ibiza, MUNDO CASERO (takeout restaurant), Café Lab IBIZA, Cafeteria Juanito (restaurant) and more in the vicinity.

Figueretas Beach is 0.2 miles, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza and Ibiza Cathedral are 0.9 miles, Santos Coast Club and Ibiza Port are 1.1 miles, Bora Bora Ibiza and Dalt Vila are 1.3 miles, Aguamar Water Park is 1.4 miles, Ushuaia Ibiza, Marina Botafoch and Hï Ibiza are 1.5 miles, Pacha is 1.6 miles, Privilege Ibiza is 3.8 miles, Illetes Beach is 10.2 miles and Ibiza Airport is 3.4 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (one-bedroom apartment sea view): $250

Cost per person (three people): $84




Sud Ibiza Suites

Calle Ramón Muntaner 34

Hotels in Ibiza

Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza

Featuring a beachfront location, a terrace with seasonal solarium and Jacuzzi, sea views, a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi, luxurious details, seating and dining areas, kitchens, coffee machines, bath robes, a fitness center, free bicycle usage and motorcycle hire, Sud Ibiza Suites is found near Soleado (French restaurant), Bar Little Ibiza (restaurant), Poc a Poc (Italian restaurant), Cafe Bar ES GRESOL (bar), Supermarket Spar Sulamar, Restaurante Blavós, Mitch’s Bar, Strano at the Beach (bar), Fusion Ibiza and more.

From here Figueretas Beach is 0.1 miles, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza and Ibiza Cathedral are 0.6 miles, Ibiza Port is 0.8 miles, Dalt Vila is 1 mile, Marina Botafoch is 1.2 miles, Pacha is 1.3 miles, Santos Coast Club is 1.4 miles, Bora Bora Ibiza and Punta Grossa Lighthouse are 1.6 miles, Aguamar Water Park and Ushuaia Ibiza are 1.8 miles, Amnesia Ibiza is 3.1 miles, Café del Mar is 8.7 miles, Cala Conta Beach is 11.7 miles and Ibiza Airport is 3.7 miles.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom apartment): $397

Cost per person (five people): $80






Sir Joan Hotel

Passeig Joan Carles I

Hotels in Ibiza

Lio Restaurant Ibiza

With air conditioning, free WiFi, an on-site bar, an outdoor pool, flat-screen TVs, seating areas, terraces, balconies, bathrobes, slippers and a 24-hour front desk, Sir Joan Hotel sits near IZAKAYA Ibiza (Japanese restaurant), Veto (night club), Ibiza Central Charter (boat rental service), Heladerías Torres Tallon (ice cream shop), CARRION Hair Spa, Carnicería Los Gallegos (butcher shop), Food & Drink Ibiza 17 (bar), Pacha (night club), Prince Bakery, HEART Ibiza (restaurant), La Gaia by Óscar Molina (restaurant), Puerto Ibiza (marina), Lune Rouge Ibiza (art gallery), Art Projects Ibiza (art gallery) and more.

You’ll find Marina Botafoch 0.2 miles, Lio Restaurant Ibiza and Pacha 0.3 miles, Ibiza Port 0.5 miles, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza 0.6 miles, Ibiza Cathedral 0.7 miles, Talamanca Beach 0.9 miles, Figueretas Beach 1.1 miles, Punta Grossa Lighthouse 1.3 miles, Santos Coast Club 2.5 miles, Bora Bora Ibiza 2.6 miles, Amnesia Ibiza 2.7 miles, Privilege Ibiza 3.2 miles, Las Dalias Hippy Market 10 miles, Cala Bassa Beach 11.1 miles and Ibiza Airport 4.7 miles from this hotel.

Approximate cost per night (three-bedroom suite): $3,063

Cost per person (six people): $510



Hotels in Mykonos Greece



Agroturismo Can Jaume

Puig de’n Valls

Hotels in Ibiza

Club Amnesia Ibiza

Offering a tranquil setting surrounded by orange groves and housed in a former 19th century dairy farm, Can Jaume is within range of La Huerta (restaurant), AWA YOGA, Sala Polivalente Puig den Valls (cafe), Tienda Forn Can Coves (bakery), La Pizzería de Puig d’en Valls (pizza restaurant), Es Camí Vell (restaurant), Can Tommy des Puig (restaurant), Carpe Diem (Italian restaurant), Restaurante Ascua (Mediterranean restaurant), Pau Brasil Ibiza (Brazilian restaurant), Restaurant Las dos Lunas (Italian restaurant), Privilege Ibiza (night club), Underground Ibiza (night club), El Clodenis Ibiza (restaurant), Estanco San Rafael (tobacco shop) and more.

From this farm stay you may find Pacha 1.4 miles, Marina Botafoch and Club Amnesia Ibiza 1.6 miles, Talamanca Beach 1.8 miles, Ibiza Port, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza and Privilege Ibiza 2 miles, Ibiza Cathedral 2.2 miles, Figueretas Beach 2.3 miles, Punta Grossa Lighthouse 2.5 miles, Bora Bora Ibiza 3.8 miles, Aguamar Water Park 3.9 miles, Illetes Beach 12.6 miles and Ibiza Airport 5.6 miles.

Approximate cost per night (deluxe suite): $482

Cost per person (four people): $120




Casa Klod

Carrer de Luci Oculaci

Hotels in Ibiza

Bora Bora Beach Ibiza

Casa Klod provides free WiFi, security cameras, a kitchenette, a coffee machine, a flat-screen TV, an outdoor pool, a garden and a sun terrace. This vacation home is near South Beach Mojito Club (pub), Delicatessa Hollandessa (restaurant), Restaurante Pizzería da Nino, Bar Can Jesper and more.

Figueretas Beach is 0.2 miles, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza and Ibiza Cathedral are 0.5 miles, Ibiza Port is 0.7 miles, Marina Botafoch is 1.1 miles, Pacha is 1.2 miles, Santos Coast Club is 1.5 miles, Punta Grossa Lighthouse is 1.6 miles, Bora Bora Beach Ibiza and Talamanca Beach are 1.7 miles, Aguamar Water Park and Ushuaia Ibiza are 1.9 miles, Es Paradis Ibiza is 8.2 miles, Café del Mar is 8.7 miles, Las Dalias Hippy Market is 11 miles, Cala Conta Beach is 11.8 miles and Ibiza Airport is 3.8 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $230

Cost per person (four people): $58




Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

Plaza de España 4

Hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza Spain Airport

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from a hilltop position, Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila boasts free airport shuttle service, elegant rooms, free WiFi, a whirlpool bath, air conditioning, parquet floors, stylish decor, plasma TVs, Bulgari bathroom products, bathrobes, breakfast until 12:00 that can be served in-room, an outdoor pool with loungers and a hot tub and a 24-hour front desk. Lighthouse of Ibiza, Ibiza Harbour Quay Bulkhead (marina), Bai Bai (tapas restaurant), Torre de vigilància Plaça de sa Riba (museum), La Virgen Ibiza Club (bar), Point De Vue (observation deck), Museu Casa Broner (museum), The Wild Bird (French restaurant), Sunrise Ibiza (bar), Dado Bar, Bar Arte (cocktail bar), El Pirata (pizza restaurant), Restaurant Mama Pomela (Mediterranean restaurant), Swami Bar, Number 5 (cocktail bar), Los Pasajeros (restaurant), Pizzeria Pinocho (Italian restaurant), Plaza Casco Antiguo (cafe), El Passadis Eivissa (restaurant), Tender Ibiza (restaurant), BCB Tango (live music bar), Loolapalosa (sushi restaurant), La Tana Del Lupo (bar), Sushis Ibiza, Cheeky Pay (swimwear store), tomtom Ibiza (clothing store), Vivi’s Creamery (ice cream shop), Minus80Bar, Paradise Lost (bar), La Tana (restaurant), Bar 1805 (French restaurant), Tirapallá (cocktail bar), S’Escalinata Eivissa (cocktail bar), Baluard de Sant Pere (museum), Plaza Reina Sofia (tourist attraction) and more!

This hotel is 0.1 miles Ibiza Cathedral, 0.2 miles from Ibiza Port and Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, 0.7 miles from Marina Botafoch, 0.8 miles from Figueretas Beach and Pacha, 1 mile from Punta Grossa Lighthouse, 1.2 miles from Talamanca Beach, 1.9 miles from Santos Coast Club, 2.1 miles from Bora Bora Ibiza, 2.3 miles from Ushuaia Ibiza and Aguamar Water Park, 3.2 miles from Amnesia Ibiza, 11.3 miles from Cala Bassa Beach and 4.3 miles from Ibiza Spain Airport.

Approximate cost per night (large suite): $972





Can Mariano

Dofí, 48

Hotels in Ibiza

Aguamar Water Park Ibiza

Can Mariano has 6 bedrooms, a spacious garden with an outdoor pool, city views, a terrace with a barbecue, a lounge area with sofas, a fireplace, a flat-screen TV, a dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a game room with billiards, Foosball and arcade games, free bike usage, free WiFi and free cleaning service from June to September. CrossFit Isla Blanca, El parador parrilla Argentina (Argentinian restaurant), Bar ASTRO, Ibiza Coffeeshop, Bar Nou (tapas bar), Bar Restaurante Kenene, Rickyssimo (restaurant) and more are within range.

This villa is 1.2 miles from Santos Coast Club and Figueretas Beach, 1.3 miles from Aguamar Water Park Ibiza and Bora Bora Ibiza, 1.4 miles from Hï Ibiza and Ushuaia Ibiza, 1.8 miles from Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, 1.9 miles from Ibiza Cathedral, 2 miles from Ibiza Port, 2.3 miles from Marina Botafoch, 7.1 miles from Es Paradis Ibiza, 10.5 miles from Cala Conta Beach and 2.7 miles from Ibiza Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $528

Cost per person (twelve people): $44




Eurostars Ibiza

25 Carrer de Ramon Muntaner

Hotels in Ibiza

Eden Nightclub Ibiza

Eurostars Ibiza features air conditioning, free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor pool, family rooms, kitchens, a continental or buffet breakfast and a sun terrace. This hotel is close to Casa Klod.

Approximate cost per night (deluxe suite): $633

Cost per person (five people): $127



London Perfume Co.



Villa Coll Des Cocons

Diseminado P 20 N S Jesus 226

Hotels in Ibiza

Las Dalias Hippy Market Ibiza

Offering a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning, pool and garden views, high quality appliances, ibicenco design and comfy beds, Villa Coll Des Cocons is positioned near Espacio Micus (art gallery), Taller Mocasin (shoe store), Restaurante Sa Barda, P|ART IBIZA (art gallery), Cafés Ibiza, Pau Brasil (restaurant) and Buscastell Vins (winery).

This villa is 2.1 miles from Talamanca Beach, 2.3 miles from Pacha, 2.4 miles from Marina Botafoch, 2.9 miles from Ibiza Port and Punta Grossa Lighthouse, 3 miles from Amnesia Ibiza and Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, 3.1 miles from Privilege Ibiza and Ibiza Cathedral, 3.6 miles from Figueretas Beach, 5.1 miles from Bora Bora Ibiza, 5.3 miles from Aguamar Water Park, 7.5 miles from Las Dalias Hippy Market Ibiza and Ushuaia Ibiza and 7.1 miles from Ibiza Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $423

Cost per person (eight people): $53



Leam - Luxury Shopping Online



Villa Can Palazon

Montecristo, Buzon 7

Hotels in Ibiza

Es Paradis Ibiza

Villa Can Palazon has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, a private pool, garden and mountain views, a balcony, a terrace, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen and a patio with pool views. Pizza Dolce e Salato (pizza restaurant), Bon Profit (supermarket), Sushi and Love, HANA Restaurant & Cafe, Violet Pastisseria & Confitería (pastry shop), S’hort Nou (grocery store), Es Cantonet (restaurant), La Curva Art Gallery and Tattoo, Can Terra (tapas bar), FLORIATERIA ES BALADRE (florist), Vestium (men’s clothing store), PUNT ROMA (women’s clothing store), Calzedonia (lingerie store), Es Tap Nou (fruit and vegetable store), Ibiza Poke (Hawaiian restaurant), Pepe Jeans, Ohlala Bistrot (French restaurant), Castella 13 (bistro), Nude café and more are in the area.

This villa is o.8 miles from Amnesia Ibiza, 1.3 miles from Privilege Ibiza, 2 miles from Pacha, 2.1 miles from Marina Botafoch, 2.4 miles from Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, 2.5 miles from Ibiza Port and Talamanca Beach, 2.6 miles from Figueretas Beach and Ibiza Cathedral, 3.2 miles from Punta Grossa Lighthouse, 6.6 miles from Eden Ibiza and Es Paradis Ibiza, 9.4 miles from Las Dalias Hippy Market and 5.4 miles from Ibiza Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $484

Cost per person (ten people): $49



Giuseppe Zanotti US



So there they are, hotels in Ibiza that will help provide for an unforgettable experience. We hope you have found great value in this information and most of all, that you enjoy your Ibiza stay!

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  5. An excellent guide to the stunning hotels to be found in Ibiza. Having never been there, I’m now drawn to investigating the place even more. Thanks for including the amazing images and the approximate prices so that all readers can make informed decisions and truly appreciate the beauty of Ibiza. Is this information an excerpt from a guide book?

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