Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Hotels in Tokyo Japan provide incredible access to a city officially named “Tokyo Metropolis”. Tokyo is known for its beautiful cherry blossom, or sakura, trees, its delectable ramen noodle soup, its anime culture, its largest metropolitan area in the world, its tallest tower in the world in Tokyo Skytree, its female Geisha entertainers, its tea ceremonies and its cat cafes. When traveling in Tokyo, you should take care not to wear shoes in homes, leave a tip, break chopstick etiquette or blow your nose in public. Hotels in Tokyo Japan truly are some of the best in all of Asia. Before we get to hotels in Tokyo Japan, let’s take a look at some background information on the area to help you along the way.

Tokyo, Japan’s capital since 1869, has a population of around 14 million people. Prior to 1869,  the area that would become Tokyo existed as a small fishing village named Edo, first fortified by the Edo Clan, who enjoyed many years of peace due to seclusion during the Edo period. In 1853, American Commodore Matthew C. Perry forced the opening of the Shimoda and Hakodate ports, thus exposing the city to the West. From there it was officially established as Tokyo on May 1, 1889  by 17-year-old Emperor Meiji. Tokyo’s railway system was built in 1900, whose basic design still exists today. During World War II, much of the city was destroyed due to persistent Allied air raids, particularly during “Operation Meetinghouse“. After the war the city was rebuilt, having been showcased to the world  during the 1964 Summer Olympics. Today, Tokyo has been rebuilt entirely, categorized as an Alpha+ city and  set to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, which have been rescheduled to July 23, 2021.

Tokyo’s climate is considered humid subtropical, with summer high temperatures in the upper 80s degrees Fahrenheit and average winter highs around 50 degrees in January. Rainy season occurs during summer and fall and is sporadic. With a total GDP upwards of $2 trillion, Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. Major points of interest include Nishi-Shinjuku, Rainbow Bridge, National Diet Building, Shibuya Station, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Chichibu Tama Kai, Fuji-Hakone-Izu, Ogasawara, Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, Shitamachi Museum, National Museum for Western Art, Tokyo International Forum, Asahi Beer Hall, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, Shibuya, Toyosu Market, Takeshita Street, Tokyo Dome, Ajinomoto Stadium, Olympic Stadium, New National Stadium and Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, to name a few. Popular foods include sushi, ramen, tempura, or deep-fried seafood and vegetables, monjayaki, which is a pan-fried batter dish, unaju, or freshwater eel over rice, soba, or buckwheat noodles, yakitori, or grilled chicken skewers, and negima, which is chicken breast with spring onions, to name a few. Drinks include sake, a potent alcoholic drink served hot or cold, beer, green tea and various Japanese soft drinks such as Ramune. Now that we have some background information, it’s time for hotels in Tokyo Japan that will help make for an outstanding time.




Hotel Gracery Asakusa

11-0034 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

What’s around?

Hotel Gracery Asakusa features kettles, air conditioning and flat-screen TVs and is close to Rickshaw (sightseeing tour agency), Bona Festa (Russian restaurant), Masazō (creative cuisine restaurant), Shinodazushi (sushi restaurant), Zu−Lu (bar), Okobore (Izakaya restaurant), Tsukimisō (French restaurant), Ashi (Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant), Nabeno-ism (French restaurant), Komakata Dozeu (Dojo restaurant) and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Komagatado, Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, World Bags and Luggage Museum and Kaminarimon Gate Senso-ji, 0.2 miles from Asakusa Nakamise Street, Kaminarimon, Jakotsu-yu Public Bath, Ekimise Asakusa and Asakusa Station, 0.3 miles from Drum Museum, 0.9 miles from Tokyo Skytree, 1.1 miles from Ueno Station, 3 miles from Japan Imperial Palace, 5.1 miles from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and 10.7 miles from Tokyo International Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $136




Hotel 1899

105-0004 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

NHK Museum of Broadcasting

Hotel 1899 offers free WiFi, an in-house restaurant, fridges, electric tea pots, bidets, hairdryers, flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray players and city views. Yukimura (Tempura restaurant), QUATTRO MANI82 (Italian restaurant), Oboro Liquor Store and more are in the area.

From here Shinbashi Shiogama Shrine is 0.1 miles, Shiodome Italian Town is 0.2 miles, Hibiya Shrine, Sakurada Park, Nan-ou Park, Seishoji Temple, NHK Museum of Broadcasting, Atago Shrine and Karasumori Shrine are 0.3 miles, Italy Park is 0.4 miles, Roppongi Hills is 1.4 miles, Yoyogi Park is 3.3 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 7.4 miles.




The Prince Gallery

102-8585 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Hotel New Otani Japanese Garden

With free WiFi, a sake bar, a sushi restaurant, a teppanyaki restaurant, a fitness center, a 24-hour front desk, a spa, a wellness center, a sauna, currency exchange, landry services, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, desks, mini-bars, electric kettles, coffee machines, hairdryers, slippers and bathrobes, The Prince Gallery is near Chocolat Bel Amer (chocolate shop), Fukudaya (Kaiseki restaurant), Garden Lounge, Hotel New Otani Japanese Garden, Tour d’Argent Tokyo (French restaurant), Garden Pool (outdoor swimming pool), Okahan (Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu restaurant), Sant Pau (Spanish restaurant), Ninja Akasaka (restaurant), Toyoken (fine dining restaurant), Moto-Akasaka Nagazumi (Japanese restaurant) and more.

Benkei Bridge is within feet, Site of Akasaka-Mitsuke Gate and Hotel New Otani Japanese Garden, Kioi Art Gallery Edo Ise-Katagami Kimono Museum and Shimizudani Park are 0.1 miles, Tokyu Plaza Akasaka, Kioicho Saron Hall, Akasaka Mitsuke Station, Akasaka Fudoson Itokuji Temple and Nagatachō Station are 0.2 miles, Japan Imperial Palace is 1 mile, Shibuya Station is 2.4 miles and Narita International Airport is 37 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (grand deluxe corner): $1,008






Andaz Tokyo

105-0001 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Tower Tokyo Japan

Featuring a spa, a fitness center, an indoor pool, free WiFi, complimentary snacks and soft drinks, hairdryers, flat-screen TVs, free domestic phone calls, a sauna, laundry, dry cleaning and luggage storage services and a 24-hour front desk, Andaz Tokyo is located close to Oval Plaza (park), Chojiya Toranomon (kimono store), Tempura Osaka (tempura restaurant), Atago Shrine (historical landmark), Fermier Atago Shop (cheese shop) and more.

This hotel is within feet of Toranomon Hills, 0.1 miles from Kikkoman Co. Tokyo Headquarters and Atago Shrine, 0.2 miles from Nan-ou Park, Hitachi High – Technologies Head Office, NHK Museum of Broadcasting, Nissho Hall, Toranomon Kotohira-gu Temple and Seishoji Temple, 0.3 miles from Toranomon Station, 0.6 miles from Tokyo Tower Tokyo Japan, 1.9 miles from Nezu Museum and 7.7 miles from Tokyo International Airport.

Approximate cost per night (Andaz suite): $1,252

Cost per person (three people); $417



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The Edo Sakura

110-0004 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Ueno Station Tokyo

Set in a Japanese-style Machiya townhouse, The Edo Sakura has free WiFi, traditional garden views, Japanese futon bedding on woven-straw floors or Western beds on wooden floors, a coin-launderette, dry cleaning and luggage storage services and a front desk. Oillia (Izakaya restaurant), Sushi Amami (restaurant), Fuji (Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant), ORCA (bar), Takayama Bakery, 369 (bar) and more are in the area.

Ono Terusaki Shrine is 0.1 miles, Gallery Iriya and Chosho-ji Temple are 0.3 miles, Chokokuji Temple, Ohtori Shrine, Uguisudani Station, Ichiyo Memorial Museum and Yoshiwara Shrine are 0.4 miles, Akiba Shrine and Kemmyo-in Temple are 0.5 miles, Ueno Station Tokyo is 0.8 miles, Tokyo Skytree is 1.7 miles, Ikebukuro Station is 4.2 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 11.6 miles from this ryokan.

Approximate cost per night: $122



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Imperial Hotel Tokyo

100-8558 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Hibiya Park Tokyo Japan

Imperial Hotel Tokyo offers first-class hospitality, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, a beauty massage salon, free WiFi, free parking, elegant decor, flat-screen TVs, small fridges, sitting areas, free tea, newspapers, bathrobes, hair salons, a flower shop, a newsstand and chargeable in-room massages. Nearby you’ll find The Rendez-Vous Lounge & Bar, Imperial Lounge Aqua, Chanel Fine Jewelry, Parkside Diner, Imperial Viking Buffet, Sushigen (sushi restaurant), JANTJE ONTEMBAAR (clothing store), Hamanoya Parlour Hibiya (cafe), Tokyo Kitcho (Kaiseki restaurant), Tsukiji Sushi Say (sushi restaurant), Ginza 300 Bar Next, Sushi Daizen, Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Takarazuka Theatre, Plaza Ginza, Nissay Theatre, Nissei Theatre, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and Godzilla Statue Hibiya, 0.2 miles from Hibiya Public Hall, Plaza Ginza, Hibiya Park Tokyo Japan and Hibiya Station, 0.8 miles from Tokyo Station, 0.9 miles from Japan Imperial Palace, 1.2 miles from Tokyo Tower, 3.1 miles from Ueno Station and Shinagawa Station, 8.1 miles from Tokyo International Airport.

Approximate cost per night (penthouse suite): $3,007



The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

100-0014 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Hie Shrine Tokyo

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu features a 14th floor indoor pool, 3 restaurants, direct access to 4 subway lines, spacious rooms, city views, free WiFi, paid private parking, flat-screen TVs, mini-bars, large bathrooms, slippers, hairdryers, a fitness center, a hot tub, a beauty salon, a photo studio, a business center with a computer and photocopying services, a handy Smartphone and various other shops. It is near Hie Shrine Homotsuden (Shinto shrine), Statue of Female Monkey, Hie Shrine, Statue of Male Monkey, Sannō Yume-Goten, Hie Shrine Honden, Okamura Chair Museum, Masamune (Tonkatsu restaurant), UNO (meat dish restaurant), Sushi Dokoro Suzu, Zuckerbäckerei Kayanuma (pastry shop) and more.

From here Tameike Sanno Station is within feet, Hie Shrine Tokyo, Prime Minister’s Office of Japan and Kokkai-gijidō-mae Station are 0.1 miles, Okamura Chair Museum, House of Representatives Japan, National Diet Building and Cabinet Office CAO are 0.2 miles, House of Councillors of Japan and Central Government Building are 0.3 miles, Japan Imperial Palace is 0.9 miles, Tokyo Tower is 1.1 miles, Roppongi Hills is 1.2 miles, Shibuya Station and Yoyogi Park are 2.5 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 8.3 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (premium corner king room): $945

Cost per person (three people): $316



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Oakwood Premier Tokyo

100-0005 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Ramen Street

Offering a 24-hour front desk, fully-equipped kitchens, coffee machines, electric kettles, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, washing machines and dryers, bathrobes, hairdryers, a fitness center, a meeting space, concierge service and a parking garage, Oakwood Premier Tokyo sits near TIC TOKYO (tourist information center), Gu Horumon (Yakiniku restaurant), Gyukatsu Motomura (restaurant), Yaesu Hashimoto (Unagi restaurant), Yakiniku Yazawa (restaurant), Charcoal Grill (Yakitori restaurant), Tsujita (ramen restaurant), Fun Function (Izakaya restaurant), Zunda Saryo (Japanese confectionery shop), Ginza Akebono (Japanese confectionery shop), Keith Manhattan (pastry shop), Sugar Butter Tree (pastry shop), Prada Tokyo Daimaru Station and more.

Daimaru Tokyo is within feet, Tokyo Ramen Street is 0.1 miles, Tokyo Station and Masataka Contemporary Gallery are 0.2 miles, Nihonbashi Station, Otemachi Station, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Shin-Marunouchi Building and Kitte are 0.3 miles, Japan Imperial Palace is 0.9 miles, Tokyo Tower is 2.1 miles, Roppongi Hills is 2.7 miles, Tokyo Skytree is 3 miles, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is 3.3 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 8.7 miles from this condo hotel.

Approximate cost per night (executive one-bedroom): $675




Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo

105-8621 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Hakuhinkan Toy Park Tokyo

With spacious modern rooms, free WiFi, a fitness center, an indoor pool, 10 dining options, air conditioning, warm lighting, carpeted floors, flat-screen TVs, mini-bars, electric kettles, Simmons mattresses, memory foam pillows, bathrobes, a souvenir shop, sauna rooms, laundry service, daily newspapers and 24/7 room service, Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo is near TRATTORIA okei (Italian restaurant), Daisan Harumi Sushi (sushi restaurant), AJITORI (Thai restaurant), Gyukatsu Motomura (meat dish restaurant), Soba Sadaharu (soba noodle shop), Bakuroro (Izakaya restaurant) and more.

This hotel is 0.1 miles from Steam Locomotive Square and Karasumori Shrine, 0.2 miles from Hakuhinkan Toy Park Tokyo, Hibiya Public Hall, Sakurada Park, Hibiya Park and Ginza Six, 0.3 miles from Shimbashi Station, Vanilla Gallery and Plaza Ginza, 1 mile from Tokyo Station and Tokyo Tower, 1.1 miles from Japan Imperial Palace, 2.9 miles from Shinagawa Station and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and 7.8 miles from Tokyo International Airport.

Approximate cost per night (deluxe connecting rooms): $1,319

Cost per person (seven people): $188



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The Centurion Classic Akasaka

107-0052 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Okamura Chair Museum

Featuring free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, Slumberland mattresses, organic amenities and washer and dryers, The Centurion Classic Akasaka is set close to Piano B Flat (piano bar), Chin Z (Chinese restaurant), Golf & Bar Grip (bar), Kanzesui (Japanese restaurant), Craft Ogawa (art gallery), Matsumoto (sushi restaurant), Asada (Kaiseki restaurant), Akasaka Fukinuki (Unagi restaurant), Takazawa Bar, Nisashi (Izakaya restaurant), Shirokuma Akasaka (Yakiniku restaurant), Jidoriya (chicken restaurant), Saray (Turkish restaurant), Lotus Palace Akasaka (Vietnamese restaurant), Shun-Hachi (fruit and vegetable store), Sebumi (Yakitori restaurant), Oboro (Izakaya restaurant), Mixology (bar), Misuji (Yakiniku restaurant), Ten Shan Fay Way (restaurant), Patisserie Ala Bonne Heure (cake shop), Lava (yoga studio), Kino Kawa (Japanese restaurant), Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 (Kaiseki restaurant), Akasaka Red Theatre, Okamura Chair Museum and more.

From here Okamura Chair Museum, Akasaka Biz Tower Shops & Dining, Hie Shrine, Akasaka Sacas and Akasaka Station are 0.1 miles, Akasaka Fudoson Itokuji Temple, Akasaka ACT Theatre, Akasaka Blitz, Akasaka Mitsuke Station and Tokyu Plaza Akasaka are 0.2 miles, Roppongi Hills and Japan Imperial Palace are 1.1 miles, Ueno Station is 3.5 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 8.4 miles.

Approximate cost per night (maisonette family suite): $572

Cost per person (seven people): $82




Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

279-8585 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Tower Terror Tokyo DisneySea

With 4 restaurants, a bar, a spa, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, free WiFi, private parking, free shuttle service, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, seating areas, fridges, electric kettles, spacious bathrooms with marble walls, hairdryers, a 24-hour front desk, shops, banquet facilities, luggage storage, currency exchange, dry cleaning, ironing and massage service, Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is close to Fontana (French restaurant), Cafe Restaurants “Terrace”, Grand Café (buffet restaurant), Galleria Café, Café Toastina, Sheraton Club Lounge, Dynasty Restaurant, Hurricane Point Lighthouse, Seaside Snacks (store), Aunt Peg’s Village Store, High Tide Treats (food court), Breezeway Bites (takeout restaurant), DisneySea Electric Railway (amusement park ride), Hangar Stage (performing arts theater), Journey to the Center of the Earth (amusement park ride), Magellan’s (French restaurant), Tokyo Disneyland, Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (amusement park ride), DisneySea Transit Steamer Line (Lost River Delta – amusement park ride), Mermaid Lagoon (tourist attraction), Scuttle’s Scooters (amusement park ride), Agrabah Marketplace, The Magic Lamp Theater, Abu’s Bazaar, Arabian Coast, Sultan’s Oasis (snack bar), Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, Raging Spirits (roller coaster) and more.

You may find Tokyo Disneyland 0.4 miles, Tower Terror Tokyo DisneySea 0.5 miles, Maihama Station 0.7 miles, Maihama Amphitheater 0.8 miles, Tokyo Sea Life Park 1.2 miles, Kasai Rinkai Park 1.3 miles, Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre and Ario Kasai 1.7 miles, Shinsakon River Shinsui Park 2.1 miles, IKSPIARI (Shopping Mall) 2 miles, Urayasu City Cultural Hall 2.3 miles, Tokyo Tower 7.7 miles, Japan Imperial Palace 8 miles, Nezu Museum 9.3 miles, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 10.1 miles and Tokyo International Airport 7.7 miles from this hotel.

Approximate cost per night (connecting room): $609

Cost per person (six people): $102





Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort

140-0002 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Nikon Museum Tokyo

Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort has free wired internet access, on-demand movies, flat-screen TVs, minibars, electric teakettles, desks, slippers, hairdryers, dry cleaning, currency exchange, a 24-hour front desk and newspapers. Nearby are Tennozu Golf Club (golf driving range), The Cruise Club Tokyo (French restaurant), The Galaxy Theatre (performing arts theater), Sabera Tikka Biriyani (Indian restaurant), Petit Wedding (wedding chapel), Tennosu Isle Daishi Park, Tennozu Pier (Tokyo water taxi Tennoz stop), IMA gallery (art gallery), Lily Cakes (cake shop), Tennozu (bakery), T.Y. Harbor (American restaurant), T.Y. Harbor Brewery Shop (state liquor store), Soholm (Scandinavian restaurant), Tennoz Harbor Market and more.

The Galaxy Theatre is within feet, Bond Street is 0.2 miles, Archi-Depot Museum, Museum of Marine Science, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and Tennozu Park are 0.3 miles, Kodama Gallery is 0.4 miles, Higashishinagawa Kaijo Park, Yoriki Shrine, Nikon Museum Tokyo and Kujirazuka are 0.5 miles, Shinagawa Station is 0.7 miles, Tokyo Tower is 2.4 miles, Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Shrine are 4.5 miles and Tokyo International Airport is 4.8 miles from here.

Approximate cost per night (executive suite room): $512

Cost per person (five people): $103




Oakwood Residence Aoyama

150-0001 Tokyo-to

Hotels in Tokyo Japan

Tepia Advanced Technology Gallery

Oakwood Residence Aoyama provides free WiFi, air conditioning, a shared lounge, a garden, kitchens, flat-screen TVs, ironing facilities, desks, seating areas, bidets and hairdryers. Julia (restaurant), Terrace Aoyama (hair salon), RATIO &C (bicycle shop), DIVE TO WINE Jingumae (wine bar), Tofu Dining AO (modern izakaya restaurants), C.O.D. (hot dog restaurant), sarasa design lab (general store), Ristorante Honda (Italian restaurant), Bli Made (Indonesian restaurant), Lasagna Lasagna (Italian restaurant) and more are within range.

From this condo hotel The Watarium Museum of Contemporary Art is 0.1 miles, Aoyama Kumano Shrine, Gaienmae Station, Aoyama Baisouin Temple and Zenkoji Temple, Tepia Advanced Technology Gallery, Akiba Shrine, Omotesando Station, Ura Harajuku and Omotesando Hills are 0.3 miles, Nezu Museum is 0.5 miles, Meiji Jingu Shrine is 0.9 miles, Yoyogi Park is 1 mile, Japan Imperial Palace is 2.4 miles, Ikebukuro Station is 4.1 miles and Ibaraki Airport is 52.9 miles.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom): $587

Cost per person (four people): $146


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Well there they are, hotels in Tokyo Japan that are sure to offer a memorable and comfortable experience. We hope you have found value in this information and most importantly, that you enjoy your Tokyo trip!

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  1. Wow, there are so much really nice hotels in the city of tokyo and to be very honest, it is very impressing to see this. I like the fact that you gave a brief history of the big city too. I was able to learn from this post. Thank you very much for that. I like the imperial hotel the most. Looks really cool with so much amenities. Thank you!

  2. Hey thank you so much for the post!  Japan is such a beautiful country, and it has some great history to it, I believe!  They have some beautiful hotels too!  I personally like the Ginza Area, as it seems to have what I would need for a family.  I see that it is down from the toy park.  That would be great for kids!

  3. Well, the prices of these hotels and apartments are definitely on the pricey side. I guess this is the same for everywhere in Tokyo, especially near the center? Or are there any chepaer rooms available as well?

    I remember when I worked in Moscow, the hotel room was 100€ per night and it was a hotel far from centre, in a not-very-nice neighbourhood. I guees one has to swallow the prices if one wants to travel to a metropolis. 

  4. Ah, Tokyo too. I really love the city as well. I had a chance to visit when I was a bit younger but I didn’t go. Probably I would have had a story like that of the ‘KARATE KID’. The city is very nice, to be honest and I also like that the hotels that you have shared are very good looking too. I will bookmark this post for later.

  5. I assumed that, like any big city, there would be some really nice hotels. What I didn’t expect was that they would be this nice! The list of amenities is amazing and it looks like the views from many of these hotels are incredible! I really like the idea of the Uhome Ueno Okachimachi Villa, since it is more like staying in a house. That way, instead of eating out all the time, you can live a little more like a local and bring home ingredients to test out. Thanks for the great post!

  6. hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that you have done a great job oh this article as it very interesting and informative too.i love Japan and Tokyo is one of my favourite destination although I have been there for only business related stuffs but I am planning a vacation for later this year and I must say that accommodation has been my biggest issue but after reading your article I have made my selection thanks once more.

  7. I live in the Philippines and have traveled all across Asia, the only country I have not visited is Japan, my fiance and I have always wanted to go and have even considered eloping there for an intimate wedding. Once possible, and we make it there, I have to say that the Tokyo Tower looks amazing and the view is breathtaking, the amenities are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing. Take care!

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