Hotels in Prague

Hotels in Prague feature an impressive mix of old-world and contemporary styles in a destination nicknamed “The City of a Hundred Spires”. Known for its castles, palaces, cathedrals, medieval squares, bridges, gardens, rivers, art galleries, cobblestone streets and nightlife, Prague is one of the world’s best locations for viewing Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture. Examples of such architecture include St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, Ball Game Hall in the Royal Garden and Municipal House. Influential Praguers have been Charles IV, Gregor Mendel, Bedřich Smetana, Sigmund Freud, Alphonse Mucha and Franz Kafka. When traveling to Prague, keep in mind that the currency is the Czech Crown, that cars drive on the right and must keep their lights on all day, and that landmarks are not far from one another. Prague’s biggest events include Prague Spring International Music Festival, Khamoro, Czech Beer Festival, MOFFOM, Tanec Praha, Prague Fringe, United Islands Festival, Čarodějnice, Prague Summer Nights, Prague Signal Festival, Designblok, Prague International Film Awards, Febiofest, One World Film Festival, Prague Writers’ Festival and Summer Shakespeare Festival. Prague’s professional football clubs include SK Slavia Prague, whicy plays its games at Sinobo Stadium on the city’s east side, and AC Sparta Prague, which plays at Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena on the city’s north side. Hotels in Prague indeed are some of the most elegant in all of Europe. Before we get to hotels in Prague, let’s take a look at some background information on the area to help you along the way.

Believed to have been founded in 1306 BC by an ancient king, Boyya,  Prague is rooted in Romanesque times and flourished during the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. The city has held influence as the main residence of Holy Roman Emperors during the 14th century, the Habsburg Monarchy during the 16th century and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 19th century. Prague was influential during the Protestant Reformation. It served as the capital of Czechoslovakia during World War and Cold War times. After World War II, the city fell behind the Iron Curtain. In 1989, the Velvet Revolution resulted in the collapse of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. The dissolution of Czechoslovakia occurred in 1993, when Prague became the capital of the new Czech Republic.

With a population of about 1.3 million people, Prague is the largest city and capital of the Czech Republic. Nicknamed the “city of a hundred spires” and the “golden city”, this historical capital of Bohemia is located in the Czech Republic’s north-west region on the Vltava River. Today, Prague is regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world. Home to a temperate climate, the city’s summers are warm, with average highs ranging in the mid-70s degrees Fahrenheit, while winters are colder, averaging in the mid-20s. Over 10 million visitors per year travel to Prague to enjoy its castles, architecture, museums, monuments, theaters and sports. Major points of interest include Prague CastleVyšehrad Castle, Charles Bridge, Písek GateWallenstein PalaceOld Town, Museum of Decorative ArtsClam-Gallas PalaceWenceslas SquareNational MuseumNational TheatreDancing HouseCharles SquarePrague ZooIndustrial Palace and Anděl.  Popular food dishes include oblozene chlebíčky, a type of open sandwich, svíčková, or beef tenderloin with cream sauce and dumplings, vetrnik, which are cream puffs, and schnitzels. Pilsner is the most popular beer, while Slivovice, with its strong plum flavor, is a traditional brandy. Absinthe is produced largely in the Czech Republic, and can be found in places such as Hemingway Bar. Now that we have a little background information on the area, it’s time for hotels in Prague that will help make for an unforgettable experience.




Hotel Residence Agnes

Haštalská 19

Hotels in Prague

Roxy Club Prague

Hotel Residence Agnes offers air conditioning, LCD satellite TVs, work desks, a 24-hour front desk, an exchange office, concierge service, private limousine transportation, mini-bars, free WiFi, spacious bathrooms and a rich buffet breakfast. Near here are onesip coffee (espresso bar), Restaurace Haštalský Dědek (restaurant), La Degustation (fine dining restaurant), the Banker’s Bar (cocktail bar), Základna restaurace (restaurant), Bánh mì ba (Vietnamese restaurant), Lokál (Czech restaurant), NoD (cafe), La Casa Argentina (Argentinian restaurant), La Casa del Habano (cigar shop), Sports Bar Pohoda, Bokovka (wine bar), MyRaw Café, Naše maso (butcher shop), Sisters Bistro v Dlouhé (bistro), Cukrář Skála v Dlouhé (dessert restaurant), Klubovna 2. patro (bar), Babiččina spíž (bakery) and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Roxy Club Prague and Museum of Alchemy, 0.2 miles from Kotva Department Store, Palladium Shopping Center, Jewish Museum in Prague, Spanish Synagogue Prague and Náměstí republiky, 0.3 miles from Mozart Dinner Prague, Ungelt, Old Town Square and Municipal House, 0.4 miles from Prague Astronomical Clock, 0.7 miles from Charles Bridge, 0.9 miles from Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague, 1.1 miles from Prague Castle, 3.2 miles from O2 Arena Prague, 8.7 miles from Aquapalace and 7.1 miles from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Approximate cost per night (double room extra bed): $171

Cost per person (three people): $57




BoHo Prague Hotel

Senovážná 4

Hotels in Prague

Henry’s Tower Prague

BoHo Prague Hotel features air conditioning, an on-site restaurant, flat-screen TVs, seating areas, bath robes, slippers, a 24-hour front desk and a wellness center. Meat & Greet (hamburger restaurant), Sicily café (coffee shop), Senovážné 6 (fashion accessories store), Takumi Praha (ramen restaurant), STOKLASA (haberdashery), Selfie House Prague (museum), Midtown Grill (restaurant), SABAI (Thai massage therapist), Dhaba Beas (vegetarian restaurant), Riedel Wine Shop (wine bar), Slovanský dům (shopping mall), Brasileiro Slovanský dům (Brazilian restaurant), Brasileiro Slovanský dům, The Powder Tower (scenic spot) and more are in the vicinty.

Henry’s Tower Prague, Hybernia Theater, Powder Tower, Municipal House and Mucha Museum are 0.1 miles, Náměstí republiky, Mozart Dinner Prague and Palladium Shopping Center are 0.2 miles, Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock are 0.4 miles, Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague is 0.5 miles, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are 1.3 miles, Vyšehrad is 1.6 miles, Prague ZOO is 2.3 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 7.3 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (suite): $441

Cost per person (three people): $146



The Luxury Closet



Pytloun Boutique Hotel

Václavské náměstí 779/16

Hotels in Prague

Duplex Club and Restaurant

With modern designs, courtyard and garden views, individually controlled air conditioning, satellite TVs, Nespresso machines, mini-bars, safes, LED lighting, automatic toilets, bathtubs with sparkling systems, hair dryers, terraces, balconies, a buffet breakfast and a restaurant, Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague sits close to Dobrá čajovna (tea house), Cubist Lamp Post (tourist attraction), Blažek (men’s clothing store), TRITON Restaurant, Franciscan Gardens, Café Truhlárna (coffee shop), Church of Our Lady of the Snows, GATE (shopping mall), Selfie Market (tourist attraction) and more.

You may find Duplex Club and Restaurant, Langhans Gallery and Lucerna 0.1 miles, Mucha Museum and Estates Theater 0.2 miles, Henry’s Tower, Bethlehem Chapel, Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock 0.3 miles, Municipal House and Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague 0.4 miles, O2 Arena Prague 3.4 miles, Aquapalace 8.4 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague 7.2 miles from this hotel.

Approximate cost per night (deluxe suite): $261

Cost per person (four people): $65




Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa

Tržiště 19

Hotels in Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral

Housed in a 16th-century Baroque UNESCO-protected building, Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa has free WiFi, a complimentary welcome drink, a 24-hour reception, a fitness center, a sauna, pool facilities, daily breakfast, complimentary wine and cheese tasting daily and chocolate pralines with turn-down service. Aquarius Restaurant, Wine Bar Vinotéka U Mouřenína (wine store), St. Martin (restaurant), Kafírna u Sv. Omara (coffee shop), Coda Restaurant (fine dining restaurant), San Carlo Mala Strana (pizza restaurant), Bread Gap (sandwich shop), J.J. Murphy’s Irish Pub (Irish pub), Nicolas bar & restaurant, A Studio Rubín (theater company), Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and more are within range.

This hotel is 0.1 miles from St. Nicolas Church, 0.2 miles from St. Vitus Cathedral, Schwarzenberg Palace and Prague Castle, 0.3 miles from Šternberg Palace and Wallenstein Garden, 0.4 miles from Petřín, Museum Kampa, Prague Loreto and Waldstein Riding School, 1.8 miles from Vyšehrad, 4.3 miles from O2 Arena Prague and 6.1 miles from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Approximate cost per night (tower suite): $885

Cost per person (four people): $221



MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones



Grand Hotel Bohemia

Kralodvorska 4

Hotels in Prague

Mozart Dinner

Grand Hotel Bohemia features elegantly decorated, spacious rooms, modern furniture, air conditioning, free WiFi, satellite TV, a restaurant, a bar and a Boccaccio ballroom. Nearby you may find Mozart Dinner Prague, PRO THAI massage, City Bike Prague (bicycle rental service), GOLD PRALINES (candy store), Zkušební Provoz (cocktail bar), Gabina Paralova (boutique), Cafe No. 3 (espresso bar), Buddha-Bar (restaurant), Pachtovský Palace, Den Noc (restaurant), GamberoRosso (Italian restaurant), Celetná Theater, Delije restaurace (restaurant) and more.

This location is within feet of Mozart Dinner, 0.1 miles from Municipal House, Powder Tower, Hybernia Theater, Kotva Department Store, Náměstí republiky and Ungelt, 0.2 miles from Palladium Shopping Center, Týn Cathedral, Náměstí Republiky Metro Station and Old Town Square, 0.3 miles from Prague Astronomical Clock, 0.6 miles from Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague, 0.7 miles from Charles Bridge, 1.1 miles from Prague Castle, 3.2 miles from O2 Arena Prague, 8.5 miles from Aquapalace and 7.2 miles from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Approximate cost per night: $680




The Grand Mark Prague

Hybernská 12

Hotels in Prague

Hybernia Theatre

The Grand Mark Prague offers a combination of traditional and modern designs, spacious, well furnished rooms, separate living rooms, full kitchenettes, seating areas, large bathrooms with heated floors, garden views, a generous buffet breakfast, a restaurant and a 24-hour fitness center. Close to this location are Potrefená Husa Hybernská (restaurant), Portfolio restaurant, Wine & Dine (wine bar), Sia Restaurant, Cukrář Skála (cake shop), K-shop (Korean grocery store), CZECH BEER SPA, Vinárna Konírna (wine bar) and more.

From here Náměstí Republiky Metro Station, Hybernia Theatre, Masaryk’s Train Station, Náměstí republiky and Henry’s Tower are 0.1 miles, Powder Tower, Palladium Shopping Center, Municipal House, Mozart Dinner Prague and Florentinum are 0.2 miles, Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock are 0.5 miles, Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague is 0.6 miles, Charles Bridge is 0.9 miles, St. Vitus Cathedral is 1.4 miles, Vyšehrad is 1.7 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 7.4 miles.

Approximate cost per night (presidential suite): $5,391

Cost per person (eight people): $674




Aria Hotel Prague

Trziste 9

Hotels in Prague

Wallenstein Palace Gardens

Offering free wired high-speed internet, extensive music and DVD libraries, I-pads, free welcome drinks, free afternoon snacks and drinks, a rooftop garden terrace, city views, a restaurant and direct Baroque Vrtbovska Gardens access, Aria Hotel Prague sits near Coda (Czech restaurant), Gitanes restaurant, San Carlo Malá Strana (pizza restaurant), Galerie Millennium (art gallery), U Staré studny (wine bar), Bread Gap (sandwich shop), U Malého Glena Jazz Club, Flowers Carmelita (florist), Dárky (gift shop), J.J. Murphy’s Irish Pub, Phase 2 (clothing store), Nicolas bar & restaurant, A Studio Rubín (theater) and more.

St. Nicolas Church is 0.1 miles, Prague Castle, Wallenstein Palace Gardens, St. Vitus Cathedral, Schwarzenberg Palace, Museum Kampa, Šternberg Palace – Czech National Gallery and Petřín are 0.3 miles, Charles Bridge and Waldstein Riding School are 0.4 miles, Czech National Theater is 0.6 miles, O2 Arena Prague is 4.2 miles, Aquapalace is 9.3 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 6.2 miles from this hotel.

Approximate cost per night (luxury apartment): $613

Cost per person (four people): $154



Cashmere in Love



Augustine Hotel

Letenska 12/33

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

Museum Kampa

Consisting of 7 historic buildings including the 13th century Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery, Augustine Hotel offers spacious rooms, stunning city views, a spa, a hammam, a sauna, a steam room, a relaxation area, a fully-equipped gym and a restaurant. It’s found near Augustine Restaurant, Refectory Bar, Restaurace Malostranská beseda (restaurant), Restaurant U Glaubicu, Jo´s Bar & Restaurant, Restaurace U Mecenáše, Hergetova Cihelna (eastern European restaurant), Perníkový panáček (cookie shop), Cocovanka (cookie shop), Terasa U Zlaté studně (restaurant) and more.

From here you’ll find Wallenstein Garden, Valdštejnská zahrada, Lesser Quarter and St. Nicolas Church 0.1 miles, Waldstein Riding School and Prague Castle 0.2 miles, Malostranská Metro Station, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral and Museum Kampa 0.3 miles, Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square 0.7 miles, O2 Arena Prague 4 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague 6.3 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $764




Mandarin Oriental, Prague

Nebovidska 459/1

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

Prague Astronomical Clock Tower

Housed in a monastery that dates back to the 14th century, Mandarin Oriental, Prague has heated floors, various bed linen and pillow choices, maid service twice daily, evening turn-down, bathroom essential oils, a spa, a restaurant and a bar. Spices Restaurant & Bar (Asian restaurant), U Modre kachnicky I (Czech restaurant), Ceske muzeum hudby (museum), Cafe Kaficko, Kampa Theater, Atelier Kotlar (hairdresser), Ristorante Carmelita (restaurant), Luka Lu (restaurant), Dobra trafika (coffee shop) and more are all within the vicinity.

You’ll find St. Nicolas Church and Lesser Quarter 0.2 miles, Charles Bridge 0.3 miles, Prague Castle, Zlatý Strom Club and St. Vitus Cathedral 0.4 miles, Prague Astronomical Clock Tower and Old Town Square 0.7 miles, Municipal House and Wenceslas Square 1 miles, Aquapalace 9.1 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague 6.3 miles from this location.

Approximate cost per night (lazar suite): $2,120



Maison De Fashion



Hotel Diana

Slévačská 496/48

Hotels in Prague

Rajská Zahrada Metro Stop

Nestled in a quiet location on Prague’s eastern outskirts, Hotel Diana is a family-run hotel with a terrace, a garden, free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. Restaurance Tong (restaurant), Sochi Restaurant (Georgian restaurant), Sestav si pizzu (pizza delivery), MTV SQUASH & FITNESS (gym), Positano (Italian restaurant), Potraviny MAX (supermarket), Kioku Restaurace (Asian restaurant), Amentes (cake shop), Palác Food (restaurant), Prison Island Praha (recreation center) and more are in the area.

Rajská Zahrada Metro Station is 0.3 miles, O2 Arena Prague is 2.7 miles, Municipal House is 5.7 miles, Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague is 5.8 miles, Old Town Square is 6 miles, Prague ZOO is 6.6 miles, Vyšehrad is 6.7 miles, Prague Castle is 6.8 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 12.7 miles from this accommodation.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom suite): $185

Cost per person (four people): $46





Zákostelní 663/13 č.bytu 13

Hotels in Prague

O2 Arena Prague

With a garden, free WiFi, city views, a fully-equipped kitchen and slippers, Eliška can be found close to Good Wine Lover (winery), Radegastovna Kolbenka (restaurant), PIZZA DON (pizza takeout), I’M FIT Wellness Fitness (fitness center), Marks & Spencer (clothing store), Hospůdka Na Radnici (restaurant), Restaurace U Pecků (restaurant), Lidl (discount supermarket), Chef Sultan (Indian restaurant), Pepř a Sůl (restaurant), Obchod s vinem U Vinic (wine bar), B-Hair kadeřnictví (hairdresser), Medela Derma (facial spa), Restaurace U Kocoura (Czech restaurant), KYOTO wok & sushi (restaurant), Pragovka (art center), Kafe Pragovka (espresso bar), Permanent Pragovka (beer garden), Cukrárna DORTINI (dessert restaurant) and more.

O2 Arena Prague is 0.7 miles, Vysočanská Metro Station is 0.2 miles, Municipal House is 3.8 miles, Old Town Square is 4.1 miles, Charles Bridge is 4.5 miles, St. Vitus Cathedral is 4.9 miles, Aquapalace is 7.6 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 10.6 miles from this spot.

Approximate cost per night: $108

Cost per person (four people): $27



Elvis & Kresse World Class Craftsmanship



Gigantic Anenska Penthouse

Anenska 13

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

Clementinum Prague Library

Gigantic Anenska Penthouse offers free WiFi, a kitchen with dishwasher, oven and coffee machine, and a hot tub. Nearby you may encounter Bar Konirna (bar), Tricafe (coffee shop), HookahPlace, Golden Tree Prague (night club), Prague Riverside Parties (tour agency), Thai Paradise (Thai massage therapist), U Zlateho Hada (restaurant), The Irish Times Bar, WINE O’CLOCK (small plates restaurant), Country Life (cosmetics store), Georgia Restaurant, Blues Skiep (live music venue), Art Master Gallery and more.

This property is 0.1 miles from Zlatý Strom Club, Clementinum Prague Library, Karlovy Lázně and Bethlehem Chapel, 0.2 miles from Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague Christmas Market, Old Town Square and Old Jewish Cemetery, 0.5 miles from Municipal House, 0.6 miles from Wenceslas Square, 0.7 miles from Prague Castle, 2.2 miles from Prague Zoo, 3.7 miles from O2 Arena Prague and 6.8 miles from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Approximate cost per night: $397

Cost per person (six people): $67





Nad Sarkou Penthouse

Nad Sarkou 14

Hotels in Prague

Prague Loreto

Featuring free WiFi, free private parking, tiled floors, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a flat-screen TV, a hairdryer and an on-site restaurant, Nad Sarkou Penthouse is found near Chorvatský MlýnChorvatský Mlýn (restaurant), Restaurace Jenerálka (restaurant), Natural park Sarka, Meandry Šáreckého potoka (national forest) and more.

Victory Square is 1.4 miles, Prague Loreto is 1.5 miles, Strahov Monastery and Šternberg Palace are 1.6 miles, Schwarzenberg Palace is 1.7 miles, Prague Castle and Prague ZOO are 2.1 miles, Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square are 2.7 miles, O2 Arena Prague is 5.8 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 4.3 miles from this penthouse.

Approximate cost per night: $81

Cost per person (three people): $27



Bobo - The Joy Of Dessing Up



So there they are, hotels in Prague that will help make for a memorable trip. We hope you have found this information valuable and most importantly, that you enjoy your time in the Czech Republic!

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  17. Hey nice article you have there. As a tourist choosing an accommodation that has essential features that I desired has always been an issue. The grand mark prague just fit into my desire with it’s traditional and modern design, garden, gymnasium to keep me fit always. This is exactly what I will be needing in this year’s summer holidays with my family.

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