Hotels in Reykjavik

Hotels in Reykjavik offer incredible accommodations in a city nicknamed “Land of Fire and Ice”. Known for its nightlife, its music festivals, its museums, its cuisine and its puffins, Reykjavik is the northernmost capital city in the world. Reykjavik means “smoke cove”, “smokey bay” or “bay of smoke” in Old Norse. Over 60% of Iceland’s population lives in the city. Not far from Reykjavik, you may find some of the best geothermal spas in the world. Remember to pack some thermal clothing, and keep in mind that Iceland’s currency is the krona. While winter days can be filled with darkness for up to 20 hours, they are also the best time to get glimpses of the Northern Lights. Hotels in Reykjavik are truly incredible. Before we get to hotels in Reykjavik, let’s take a look at some background information on the area to help you along the way.

Dating back to around 870 AD, Reykjavík was established by the Norse settler Ingólfr Arnarson, who is said to have found favor in the area’s hot springs in order to keep warm during winter. King Frederik V of Denmark donated the estate of Reykjavik to the Innréttingar Corporation in 1752. In the 1750s, Reykjavik’s main industry was wool, with fisheries, Sulphur mining, shipbuilding and agriculture commencing shortly thereafter. Monopoly trading was abolished in 1786 and Reykjavik was one of six communities to receive from The Danish Crown an exclusive trading charter, to which is held onto permanently. Thereafter, free trade expanded, resulting in a broader Icelandic merchant influence. During the 19th century, Icelandic nationalism prompted the reestablishment of the Alþingi. On December 1, 1918 Iceland became a sovereign country, the Kingdom of Iceland, under the Crown of Denmark. During World War II, Reykjavík was occupied by allied forces, and The United States built Keflavík Airport, which still serves today as the country’s main point for international travel.

Reykjavík, located in southwestern Iceland, is the country’s capital and largest city. This Icelandic focal point sits on Faxaflói Bay, and has a population of about 130,000 people. A popular tourist destination, Reykjavík is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. The city’s climate is mild yet not extreme on the low-side, with the lowest temperature ever recorded at -3 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer temperatures average in the low 50s degrees Fahrenheit while winter temps average right around 32 degrees. Nightlife is lively in this city, with bars staying open until around 4:30 am on the weekends, and 1 am on the weekdays. Iceland’s drinking age is 20 years old. Points of interest include AusturvöllurHarpa (concert hall), KringlanLaugardalslaugLaugavegur,Perlan, The Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavik Art MuseumSafnahúsiðTjörninUniversity of Iceland and Reykjavik Maritime Museum. Popular foods include hangikjöt, or smoked lamb, fish, seafood, skyr, which is a cultured dairy product, kleinur, a type of fried dough, laufabrauð, a traditional bread eaten most often during Christmas and bollur, a pastry. Drinks include Iceland’s signature distilled beverage, Brennivín, or “Black Death”, which is a clear, unsweetened schnapps, vodka and Icelandic beer. Now that we have some background information, it’s time for hotels in Reykjavik that will help make for an unforgettable experience.




Reykjavik Residence Apartment Hotel

Hverfisgata 60

Hotels in Reykjavik

What’s around?

Reykjavik Residence Apartment Hotel boasts flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, modern kitchens facilities, soundproofing, tea and coffee makers, communal laundry facilities and a 24-hour front deak. BrewDog Reykjavik (bar & grill), Reykjavík Meat (restaurant), Vínberið (chocolate shop), Austur-Indíafélagið (Indian restaurant), Bíó Paradís (movie theater), Memoria Collective (tattoo shop) and more are in the area.

This location is 0.2 miles from Solfar Sun Voyager, 0.3 miles from The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland and Hallgrímskirkja Church, 0.4 miles from The Parliament House, 0.5 miles from Reykjavík City Hall and Laugavegur Shopping Street, 0.6 miles from Hljomskalagardurinn and Reykjavik Old Harbour, 2.4 miles from Imagine Peace Tower, 3.4 miles from Smáralind Shopping Center and 23.4 miles from Reykjavík Keflavík Airport.

high demand




Canopy by Hilton

Smidjustigur 4

Hotels in Reykjavik

Solfar Sun Voyager

Canopy by Hilton features a fitness center, a bar, minimalist Icelandic designs, coffee machines, tiled bathrooms, desks, seating areas, free WiFi, a buffet breakfast and a restaurant. Near here are Canopy Coffee Bar, Le Bistro (French restaurant), Kaffibarinn (bar), Joe & the Juice (juice shop), Mink Viking Portrait (portrait studio), PUNK Restaurant, Mat Bar (restaurant), Barber shop Genti (barber shop), The Irishman Pub (Irish pub), Wake Up Reykjavík (tour operator) and more.

From here The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland and Solfar Sun Voyager are 0.2 miles, The Parliament House and Hallgrímskirkja Church are 0.3 miles, Reykjavík City Hall is 0.4 miles, Laugavegur Shopping Street and National Museum of Iceland are 0.6 miles, The Pearl is 1.2 miles, Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool and Kringlan Shopping Mall are 1.5 miles and Reykjavík Keflavík Airport is 23.3 miles.

Approximate cost per night (king suite): $439

Cost per person (three people): $146







Sand Hotel by Keahotels

Laugavegur 34

Hotels in Reykjavik

Hallgrímskirkja Church

With a terrace, city views, a restaurant, flat-screen TVs, seating areas, kettles, bathrobes, hairdryers, a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi, Sand Hotel is found close to Reykjavik Residence Apartment Hotel.

You may find Hallgrímskirkja Church and Solfar Sun Voyager 0.2 miles, The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland 0.3 miles, The Parliament House 0.4 miles, Laugavegur Shopping Street, Reykjavík City Hall and Hljomskalagardurinn 0.5 miles, Reykjavik Art Museum: Kjarvalsstadir 0.6 miles, Reykjavik Old Harbour and National Museum of Iceland 0.7 miles, Smáralind Shopping Center 3.3 miles and Reykjavík Keflavík Airport 23.4 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (king suite): $1,503




Alda Hotel Reykjavík

Laugavegur 66

Laugavegur Shopping Street

Featuring modern rooms, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, hairdryers, private balconies, sea or city views, a gym, a sauna, bicycle rentals and a bar, Alda Hotel is near Brass Kitchen & Bar (restaurant), Barber (barber shop), Old Iceland (Icelandic restaurant), Ræktin (bar), Rakarastofa HERMAN Barbershop, Kaktus Espressobar (cafe), Reykjavík Chips (fast food restaurant), Rokk & Rómantík (clothing store) and more.

Hallgrímskirkja Church and Solfar Sun Voyager are 0.2 miles, Laugavegur Shopping Street is 0.3 miles, The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland and Reykjavik Art Museum: Kjarvalsstadir are 0.5 miles, University of Iceland is 0.9 miles, Vesturbaejarlaug Swimming Pool and Kringlan Shopping Mall are 1.2 miles, Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool and Laugardalsholl Stadium are 1.3 miles and Reykjavík Keflavík Airport is 23.5 miles from this spot.

Approximate cost per night (king suite): $421



Hotels in Stockholm Sweden



Svala Apartments

Laugavegur 71

Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik

Svala Apartments provides sea views, free WiFi, free private parking, hardwood floors, fully-equipped kitchens, dining areas, flat-screen TVs, hairdryers, seating areas, patios and a terrace. Nearby are Irezumi Ink Iceland (tattoo shop), Hokus Pokus (costume store), Fjallraven (outdoor clothing store), Old Iceland (Icelandic restaurant), Stefan B. Chocolatier, Monako (casino), Penninn (book store), Mai Thai Market and more.

From this property Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik and Reykjavik The Sun Voyager are 0.2 miles, Laugavegur Shopping Street is 0.3 miles, Reykjavik Art Museum: Kjarvalsstadir and The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland are 0.5 miles, The Parliament House is 0.6 miles, Reykjavík City Hall and Hljomskalagardurinn are 0.7 miles, Reykjavik Old Harbour and National Museum of Iceland are 0.8 miles, Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool is 1.2 miles, Smáralind Shopping Center is 3.2 miles and Keflavík Airport is 23.5 miles.

Approximate cost per night (penthouse apartment): $267

Cost per person (four people): $67



The Luxury Closet



Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments

Vatnsstígur 10B

Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland

Central Reykjavik

Offering free WiFi, fully-equipped kitchens, free parking, flat-screen TVs, balconies and terraces, Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments is set close to Public House (gastropub), Scandinavian (restaurant), Vedur (bar), Kaldi Bar/Cafe, Cupcake Cafe, Smakkbarinn (restaurant), Reykjavik Record Shop, Mengi (art venue), Smekkleysa (record store), 12 Tonar (record store), Gjoska (clothing store), The Handknitting Association of Iceland, Fotografi (art gallery), Cafe Babalu, Krua Thai, Art Gallery 101, Bio Paradis (movie theater) and more.

Reykjavik The Sun Voyager is 0.2 miles, Hallgrímskirkja Church is 0.3 miles, Hljomskalagardurinn is 0.6 miles, Vesturbaejarlaug Swimming Pool is 1.1 miles, The Pearl is 1.2 miles, Imagine Peace Tower is 2.3 miles, Mount Esja is 14 miles and Keflavík Airport is 23.4 miles from here.

Approximate cost per night (three bedroom): $540

Cost per person (seven people): $78





Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Kirkjutorg 4

Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavík Cathedral

Set behind Reykjavík Cathedral and dating back to 1900, Kvosin Downtown Hotel has modern rooms, free WiFi, Nespresso coffee machines, seating areas, flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes, dining areas, cooking hobs, a restaurant, a snack bar, a wine bar, a continental breakfast and cathedral, parliament and lake views. Klauster Bar, Bergsson (restaurant), Skolabru Restaurant, Gandhi Indian Restaurant, Icelandic Street Food, Messinn (seafood restaurant), The Secret Cellar (music & comedy club), Icelandic Craft Bar, Icelandic Deli, IDNO (cafe) and more are in the area.

This building is within feet of The Parliament House and Reykjavík Cathedral, 0.1 miles from Reykjavík City Hall and The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland, 0.3 miles from Reykjavik Old Harbour, 0.4 miles from National Museum of Iceland and Hljomskalagardurinn, 3.7 miles from Elliðaár River, 21.1 miles from Bláfjöll Ski Lift and 23 miles from Keflavík Airport.

Approximate cost per night (executive suite): $814

Cost per person (six people): $136



Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty



Theater Row Apartments

Lindargata 14

Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland

Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool

With free WiFi, seating areas, flat-screen TVs, fully-equipped kitchens and hairdryers , Theater Row Apartments sits alongside Berg Contemporary (art gallery), Miami Bar, HYALIN (Deli), Pink Iceland (tour agency), Embassy of Denmark, Hurra (men’s clothing store), BrewDog (bar), Port 9 (wine bar), Early in the Morning (breakfast restaurant) and more.

You’ll find Solfar Sun Voyager and The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland 0.2 miles, The Parliament House, Hallgrímskirkja Church and Reykjavík City Hall 0.4 miles, Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool and Kringlan Shopping Mall are 1.5 miles, Laugardalsholl Stadium is 1.6 miles, Imagine Peace Tower is 2.4 miles, Smáralind Shopping Center is 3.5 miles and Keflavík Airport is 23.4 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (three bedroom): $452

Cost per person (eight people): $57




Planet Apartments

Ægisgata 5, Vesturbær

Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland

And here?

Planet Apartments has balconies, free WiFi, private parking, stylish and contemporary living areas, open-plans, city and mountain views, fully-equipped kitchens, allergy-free duvets, furnished balconies and dining areas. It’s near Steakhouse, Sægreifinn (restaurant), The Cinema (entertainment), Cafe haiti, Reykjavík Röst (coffee shop), Kopar (restaurant), Caruso Harbor (restaurant), Reykjavik by Boat (tour operator), The Harbor Restaurant, RIO Reykjavik (restaurant), DEIG Workshop (bakery), Forettaberinn (restaurant) and more.

Reykjavik Old Harbour is 0.1 miles, The Parliament House and Reykjavík City Hall are 0.3 miles, The Offices of the Cabinet of Iceland is 0.4 miles, Hljomskalagardurinn and University of Iceland are 0.7 miles, The Pearl is 1.7 miles, Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool is 2 miles, Kringlan Shopping Mall is 2.1 miles and Keflavík Airport is 23 miles from this property.

Approximate cost per night (penthouse apartment): $338

Cost per person (four people):  $85





As you can see, hotels in Reykjavik hold their own when it comes to top Scandinavian accommodations. We hope you have found this information valuable and most importantly, that you enjoy your time in Iceland!

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  1. Thanks for putting this nice content up. I love adventures generally and I love to visit new places, make new friends,  experience new atmosphere, new meals and stuff. I’ve never been to Iceland but after reading all these suggestions, it seems that the next vacation home for me is Iceland. I would really love to stay in these penthouses. It sure should be a lot of fun.

    1. Hi RoDarrick and thank you for the comments! Reykjavik has some of the best attractions and restaurants out there, not to mention the beautiful scenery. Thanks again for commenting and happy travels 🙂

  2. Hey there,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for writing this informative and helpful article. I love to travel and to be honest I travel a lot. I was thinking to pay a visit to Iceland. The hardest part of a trip is to find the best accomodation. And you saved a lot of my time and hard work by showing this awesome penthouses. I personally liked the Greenkey Apartment so much as there is so many faculties. So I think I will choose that. 

    Again thank you for writing this awesome article.

    1. Hello Mahin! So glad you found a penthouse to choose. Iceland is such a wonderful place with so many great restaurants and activities. Your review is much appreciated. Have a great trip!

  3. Iceland has been on my to do list for quite some time now.  I really appreciate, not only the fine list of places to stay you have provided but, the listing of what’s nearby, so I can plan my visit.

    I’m just not sure exactly where I want to be quite yet.  I’ve followed a few of the links you provided and, honestly, I’m amazed at how affordable a penthouse can be for a couple of nights.  Seriously, I’ve paid more for less in Chicago!

    I think it’s time to do some planning.

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Scott and thank you! So very glad you found the prices to be reasonable as Iceland is a fantastic trip that everyone must try at least once. Best wishes and happy travels 🙂

  4. I absolutely love your website! Love the research you’ve done to show visitors the amenities and nearby attractions to each apartment. I haven’t considered visiting Iceland before, but your review of these places to stay have got me interested! So handy to have the links to all the possibilities all in one place too! 

    1. Hi Tama thank you so much! Glad you found value in the listing and attractions and hope you get to visit Iceland very soon 🙂

  5. Judging from these photos, these look like a very good place to visit during a vacation. Thanks for sharing though i Haven’t been to any of these places nor even Iceland to start with. But wow, these names are tongue twisters. I am not sure of correctly pronoucing even a single one of them. Like “kvartyra49” for instance, I don’t even know how to start with it. 

    1. Hi Owilz! As is stated in the movie Animal House, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily 😉

  6. Hi 

    I love your site, It’s super clean and pleasing to the eye. Your layout is nice and very informative while maintaining an elegant appearance. The sentence structure is done well and I had no problem with the way the information flowed.

     An about/about me page would be nice just to add that personal touch, It helps build trust with your audience which is key when people are looking at something which will be a personal preference. This is the only thing that really stuck out to me, I encourage you to keep up the good work, it can only get better from here.

    Great job!

  7. Hello. Never been to Iceland. Looking at these penthouses i can say i like (visually) the Rare Apartments Penthouse. It looks like a quite simple, warm design and the furniture looks comfy.

    But because im turning into a vegan, my choice will be the Downtown Luxury Penthouse which has a vegan restaurant nearby. As for the landmarks of Iceland, never heard of them but i will make sure i will visit them (well if i go there why not visit them).

    The article was informational and a pleasure to read. Cheers.

    1. Thank you George! Glad you pinpointed your favorite penthouses and found value in the post. Happy travels 🙂

  8. Njalsgata 31A is definitely a good location for me here. Iceland is one of those countries (along with the rest of Scandinavia) I want to visit so the list of places to stay here will help me out a lot, but Njalsgata tops my list. Located within walking distance from the National Museum, plus The Pearl, it adds two pluses to my reasoning as to why it’s the ideal location on my list. 

    1. Thank you for the comment Todd! Happy to hear you found a solid choice in Njalsgata 31A. Iceland is a beautiful place with so many great restaurants. Have a fantastic trip!

  9. Explorations and adventures are the reasons humans don’t get bored of life, that’s my mantra and the reason I try to explore the world. You have suggested excellent places to visit if one was to visit Reykjavik part of Iceland and the penthouses suggested here are radiating ambience if tranquil serenity. What better places to explore if not the bests that you have single picked out in this article. Great one. Cheers


  10. These places are absolutely beautiful. If I ever get the chance to stay just one night at any of these places it would be awesome. I’m definitely going to have to have a ton of money to make something like this happen. Has any of you been to these places before? I’d like to hear about some experiences!

  11. Wow, who would have believed that such exquisite places existed in Iceland and the cost is very reasonable for what you are getting. 

    I was surprised to read that temperatures only reach as low as -3 as I would have thought it would be much lower. I was also surprised to read that the city buzzed at night with night spots staying open until 4:40. This may be a great place to consider visiting. 

  12. Hi

    As I live in England it would not be a far trek to Iceland and it is a country which I want to visit for so long. It is always good to find recommendation for a place to stay and your article is most useful in this regard. It seem reasonable price if traveling in a large group but individually it is on the steep side. 

    Icelandic people are very friendly and it would be good to visit it one day soon. I know that some Icelandic dishes are an acquired taste but I am willing to try anything.



  13. I love to travel in general, and Iceland was one of the most remarkable destinations. I’ve been there many years ago. Luckily, we stayed with local friends in their house. The Penthouses you described are awesome, but I would never pay that much for a night. I don’t travel with the groups – only my family of 3, and it’s one pocket. 🙂 I do appreciate that not only you described the property, but also provided points of interests near each one.

    Thank you for giving short historical facts on the country, its climate, and an overview of the city at the beginning of your post.

    Great information for people who are traveling in the groups or not on a tight budget. Thank you.

    ~ Julia

    1. Julia thank you for the comments. Glad to hear that you’ve been to Iceland. Perhaps if you find the right group someday you can partake in a penthouse 🙂

  14. that iceburg in the background of rekyjavik looks amazing and I would love to go there just for the scenery and see how people live there differently from the United States or other first world countries. The houses and buildings are nice and colorful and provides nice contrast. Do you think rekyjavik is a very developed city?

    1. Jon great point about the background and scenery. Reykjavik is not as developed as some other cities, but its natural beauty and restaurants are some of the best in the world. Great question 🙂

  15. Reykjavik scape is great to get away from noisy people. These alternatives are all very good, among them, my favorite 2 are Klapparstígur 1a 0602 as it is near to some eating out options like Glo, Gardurinn and the Sandholt bakery as well as to The National Theatre of Iceland; and Hallgrímskirkja Church just for the SeaView and to be relaxed for a while.

    Thanks for bringing excellent options always under even better prices. 

    Don’t forget to take a look at the natural beauty around you ance you get there. Great ponds and waterfalls to see there. 

  16. Hi there. This is a lovely article. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have never been to Iceland and in particular Reykjavik, but it’s on my travel list one day to visit it. Considering that  I will need a nice place where to stay for a week or just for the weekend with friends. Your article will help me to find that nice and well-located place that probably I will need in future after this pandemic finished. Although the prices of some of the penthouses are a bit expensive there are also some affordable places where you can have a great time. Thank you again for this article. I will save it for future journeys. 

    1. Petar you’re welcome and if you’re traveling with friends once the pandemic is over then you’ll find that these hotels in Reykjavik are quite reasonably priced, especially when comparing with other capital cities. Glad you found the information useful and happy travels to you and your friends in Iceland!

  17. Hello, Thanks so very much for this amazing reviews on Hotels in Reykjavik The Penthouse is really wonderful and I will love to rent one of them for 30 days, but the fact that it is too expensive makes it not a choice for my next Holiday but the beauty of the island is indescribable. Thanks.

    1. Hi Martha, glad to see that you found these hotels in Reykjavik wonderful, and hopefully you will get to see Iceland sometime in the future. Best wishes to you

  18. Iceland is on my list of places to visit and your article opened my view on why it should be sooner rather than later.  I like that you highlighted the opportunities for renting penthouse based on the surrounding life music of shops, restaurants etc.  I felt transported and was particularly surprised by the weather. I thought it might be colder. In essence your articl opened up my eyes to Reykjavik and increased my desire to put off waiting.  Great post!

    1. Hi Nicole and thank you for the comments. It’s easy to be surprised by the weather, as the country’s name is…Iceland! In actuality, it is Greenland that is covered mostly in ice, quite ironic. Glad to see that you appreciate the accompanying nearby attractions and hopefully you get to visit one of these hotels in Reykjavik sooner rather than later.

  19. Hello there! Oh wow, the picture in the beginning of your post already caught my eye. It seems like a very colorful town and a place where there is a lot of happy people. The penthouses here look really nice (I probably would not want to leave once I have the opportunity to stay even one night). Looking at the services provided, seems like there is nothing more than one can ask for! Iceland is also one of the places I do want to travel to. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I did (I just heard that it was a beautiful place) but now I have a better idea!

  20. I have heard so many good things about Iceland and that one should visit it, and you have confirmed that now. I would prefer to visit Iceland during the summer months. I have also heard that Iceland, and specifically Reykjavik, is very expensive, so I am pleased to see that you have included places that are affordable for my budget. 

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