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If you’re looking for Rio de Janeiro hotels then we’ve got you covered! Your search for Rio De Janeiro  hotels ends here. We’ve scanned all Rio offerings with a fine-tooth comb in order to get you the best, most well-regarded penthouse and luxury rental options out there. Renting a penthouse with a group can be a luxurious yet economical way to see the city such as Rio, a win-win. Group travel not only allows for a greater experience but also a more secure feeling when traveling. Before we get to these Rio de Janeiro hotels, though, let’s take a look at some background information on the area to help you along the way.

Rio de Janeiro, also known as Rio, is the second-most populated municipality in Brazil. Located on South America’s eastern coast, Brazil is unique in that its spoken language is Portuguese. Oil, mining and telecommunications are some of Rio’s biggest industries. Travelers may enjoy the city’s natural settings. Additionally, Carnival is a celebration that happens just before Ash Wednesday. Rio’s beaches, among the world’s most beautiful, its samba dancing and its bossa nova music are also topics of interest. Two of Rio’s better known beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema, which are both located in the city’s South Zone. Other notable attractions are Christ the RedeemerSugarloaf Mountain, Maracana Stadium, Rio Downtown, Corcovado, Museum of Tomorrow, Fort Copacabana, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Theatro Municipal and City of Arts. Summer in Rio occurs between January and March, when the temperature averages 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter, which lasts between June and September, is still quite pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 65 degrees. Now that we have a little background information on the city, it’s time to get you to Rio de Janeiro hotels, penthouse-style!




Penthouse NS Copacabana

Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 420 – Copacabana

Best Penthouses BrazilWhat’s close?

Penthouse NS Copacabana  features free WiFi, a terrace with Christ the Redeemer views, air conditioning, a living room, a TV with satellite channels and a fully-equipped kitchen. Nearby you may find Bar 420, Bar Ass Out, Restaurante Alfaia, Motim (beer hall), Big bi Juices (snack bar), Real Chopp (cocktail bar), Taste Station (restaurant), Viva Flor Galeto (chicken restaurant), Bagaggio (handbag shop), Prima Qualita (hairdresser), Planet Dream (wine, whiskey, cheese, chocolate, etc. store), Conversa Fora (restaurant), Arab Restaurant and more.

This location is 650 feet from Copacabana Beach, 2.1 miles from Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, 0.4 miles from Chacrinha Park and Copacabana Beach Volleyball Arena, 0.8 miles from Pasmado Belvedere and Rio Sul Shopping Center, 0.9 miles from Casa & Gourmet Shopping, 1.7 miles from Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, 3.6 miles from Selaron Steps and 11.5 miles from Galeao International Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $84

Cost per person (four people): $21




Rua Gomes Carneiro Penthouse

R. Gomes Carneiro, 58 – Ipanema

Best Penthouses BrazilNear here?

Rua Gomes Carneiro Penthouse offers free WiFi, a TV with cable channels, air conditioning, a fully-equipped kitchen and sea views.  Bodytech (gym), Stambul Restaurant (Arab restaurant), Osorio Bar, Zer09 Tap Room, La Veronese (Italian restaurant), Fazendola (restaurant), Le pule (restaurant and bar, Banana Jack (hamburger restaurant), Casa da Feijoada (Brazilian restaurant), Bar Astor, Baretto-Londra (bar), Fasano Al Mare (restaurant), Zona Sul (grocery store), Acougue Vegano (vegan butcher), Origens Cafe & Cia and more are all within range.

Ipanema, Arpoador, Diabo and Copacabana beaches are a few blocks, General Osório Square is 0.1 miles, Arpoador Beach, Peter Pan Park and Galeria River are 0.3 miles, Girl of Ipanema Park is 0.4 miles, Devil’s Beach and Catacumba Park are 0.5 miles, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake is 1.3 miles, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens is 2.2 miles, Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer are 2.5 miles, Sugar Loaf Mountain is 4.3 miles, Modern Art Museum is 5.2 miles and Galeao International Airport is 12.4 miles from this property.

Approximate cost per night: $132

Cost per person (four people): $33






Rua Leopoldo Miguez Penthouse

Rua Leopoldo Miguez, 81 – Copacabana

Best Penthouses BrazilCopacabana Beach

Featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sun terrace, free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a balcony with city views, air conditioning, a seating area, a washing machine and bicycle and car rental service, Rua Leopoldo Miguez Penthouse is near Loja de Fabrica (supermarket), A Belissima Copacabana (clothing store), Zona Sul (grocery store), Santa Marta Bakery, PICCADILLY (shoe store), Casual Street (clothing store), Foot and Hand Space (nail salon), Crums (pastry shop), Brazil Cocoa Chocolates, Planet Dream (wine and liquor), Copacabana Center Shopping Mall, Traditional Cakes and Pies (coffee shop), The Figa Pizzeria, Stuzzi (bar), Magistrale Pizzeria, El Born (gastrobar) and more.

From this location Copacabana beach is 1,100 feet, Diabo Beach is 4,550 feet, Peter Pan Park is 0.5 miles, General Osório Square, Army Historic Museum and Fort of Copacabana, Copacabana Fort and Galeria River are 0.8 miles, Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado are 2.1 miles, Selarón Steps are 4.2 miles, Pedra Bonita and AquaRio Rio Marine Aquarium are 5.7 miles and Galeao Airport is 11.9 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $127

Cost per person (six people): $22






Leme Beach Penthouse

Av. Atlântica, 538 – 1201 – Copacabana

Best Penthouses BrazilLeme Beach

With 2 bedrooms, sea views, a balcony, free WiFi, air conditioning, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV and a well-staffed reception area, Leme Beach Penthouse is situated near Gala Art & Cafe (vegetarian restaurant), Boteco Belmonte (Brazilian restaurant), Da Brambini (Italian restaurant), Natu Sucos (eatery), Zona Sul (grocery store), D’Amici Ristorante (Italian restaurant), Paradis Delices Francais (deli), Sky Terrace Bar & Grill, Coffee Bar Leme Playground, Marius Degustare Restaurant (seafood restaurant), Positividades 06 Leme (beach bar), Forte Do Vigia (fortress) and more.

This property is 100 feet from Leme Beach, 2,000 feet from Copacabana Beach, 0.2 miles from Duque de Caxias Fort, 0.5 miles from Sugarloaf Cable Car and Copacabana Beach Volleyball Arena, 0.6 miles from Pista Cláudio Coutinho and Praia Vermelha, 0.7 miles from Rio Sul Shopping Center, 0.8 miles from Urca Beach, 3.4 miles from Modern Art Museum, 4.7 miles from Museum of Tomorrow and 11.6 miles from Galeao Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $155

Cost per person (five people): $32




Hotels in Sao Paulo Brazil


Leblon House I

Rainha Guilhermina, 90, Leblon

Rio de Janeiro Hotels

Leblon Beach

Offering air conditioning, free WiFi, living rooms, flat-screen TVs, fully-equipped kitchens, washings machines and tumble dryers, Leblon House I is situated close to Bica da Rainha (ice cream shop), Natural Polis Leblon (snack bar), Prima Osteria e Bruschetteria (Italian restaurant), Nam Thai (Thai restaurant), Micro Bar, Vezpa (pizza restaurant), Kopenhagen (chocolate shop), Oakberry Açaí (ice cream shop), T.T. Burger (hamburger restaurant), Jobi (bar), Giro Leblon (Italian restaurant), Bar Boa Praça (pub), Prime Boutique de Carnes (butcher shop), Garoa Bar Lounge, Stuzzi (Italian restaurant), Hortifruti (greengrocer), Esch Café – La Casa del Habano (restaurant), Bottega Del Vino (wine bar), Envidia (chocolate factory) and more.

You will find Shopping Leblon Mall 0.2 miles, Leblon Beach, Flamengo Soccer Club and Post 11 – Leblon 0.3 miles, Post 12 – Leblon, Spain Square and Atahualpa Square 0.5 miles, Country Club – RJ and Shopping da Gavea Mall 0.6 miles, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro 0.7 miles, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens and Rodrigo de Freitas Lake 1.1 miles, Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer 2.2 miles, Selarón Steps 5.3 miles, Museum of Tomorrow 6.6 miles and Rio de Janeiro/Galeao International Airport 11.9 miles from here.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom): $86

Cost per person (five people): $18




Leblon House

Rua Cupertino Durão, 139, Leblon

Rio de Janeiro Hotels

Flamengo Soccer Club

Leblon House provides 2 bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a washing machine, free WiFi, free parking and air conditioning. Filé do Lira (steak house), Bibi Sucos (juice shop), Bar Bracarense, Academy Via Salus (gym), Bar do Bacana (bar), Tropeço (Brazilian restaurant), Bodytech (gym), Álvaro’s (restaurant), Sushi Carioca (Japanese restaurant), Tapí Tapioca (diner), Spoleto (restaurant), Casa Clipper (bar) and more are all within range.

Shopping Leblon Mall is 0.2 miles, Flamengo Soccer Club, Leblon Beach and Post 11 – Leblon are 0.3 miles, Country Club – RJ, Atahualpa Square and Gávea Hippodrome are 0.6 miles, Pedra Bonita is 3.7 miles, Sugarloaf Mountain is 4.8 miles, Modern Art Museum is 5.7 miles, AquaRio Rio Marine Aquarium is 6.4 miles and Rio de Janeiro/Galeao International Airport is 11.9 miles from this property.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom): $109

Cost per person (five people): $22




Leam - Luxury Shopping Online



The Coral Penthouse

R. Barata Ribeiro, 396 – Copacabana

Best Penthouses BrazilChacrinha Park

The Coral Penthouse has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garden, free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, a concierge service, air conditioning, a terrace, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a balcony with garden views, a continental breakfast, a grill and bicycle and car rental service. Nearby you may find Vareta (fishing store), Casa 7 (vitamin and supplement store), Louzieh (candy store), Herborista (health food store), Gilson Martins (bag store), Chifon (clothing store), Hortifruiti (fruit and vegetable store), The Polish (Polish restaurant) and more.

Copacabana Beach is 1,300 feet, Chacrinha Park is 0.4 miles, Copacabana Beach Volleyball Arena is 0.7 miles, Catacumba Park and Pasmado Belvedere are 0.9 miles, Rio Sul Shopping Center is 1 mile, Sugarloaf Mountain is 3.1 miles, Christ the Redeemer is 1.9 miles, Selarón Steps is 3.7 miles, AquaRio Rio Marine Aquarium is 5.2 miles, Pedra Bonita is 6.1 miles and Galeao International Airport is 11.5 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night: $1,093

Cost per person (fourteen people): $78




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Vinicius de Moraes Penthouse

R. Vinícius de Moraes, 27 – Ipanema

Best Penthouses BrazilAnd here?

Vinicius de Moraes Penthouse provides 3 bedrooms, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and free WiFi. It’s close to Masserini Osteria di Mare (restaurant), Zaza Bistro Tropical, Spa Maria Bonita, Spazziano (vegan restaurant), B, de Burger, Vegan Butchery, Bar do Adao (restaurant), Galani Restaurant, 23 Ocean Lounge (bar), L’Entrecote de Paris (restaurant) and more.

From here Ipanema Beach is 350 feet, General Osório Square and H. Stern Museum are 0.4 miles, Country Club – RJ and Arpoador Beach are 0.6 miles, Spain Square and Peter Pan Park are 0.7 miles, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake is 1 mile, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens is 1.8 miles, Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer are 2.4 miles, Sugarloaf Mountain is 4 miles, Pedra Bonita is 4.8 miles, Selarón Steps is 5.1 miles, Modern Art Museum is 5.4 miles, Museum of Tomorrow and AquaRio Rio Marine Aquarium are 6.4 miles and Galeao Airport is 12.3 miles.



Sea New York

So there you have it, some of Rio’s best penthouse rental options. We hope that you have found this information helpful and most of all, that you enjoy your Rio de Janeiro trip. Viagens felizes!

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  1. This site is great! The hubby and I are looking to move overseas and I have always been in love with Brazil. These penthouses look great. Do you know what is the average cost of living for Brazil? I wonder how difficult it would be to get acclimated to living in a country when I don’t speak the language. Are these penthouses currently on the market?  

    1. Thank you for the comments Scole! Booking prices depend a lot on demand, availability, nearness to travel, etc. but generally range from a couple hundred to a thousand per night. Booking in advance is always a plus. These penthouses should all be on the market, yes.

  2. What a lovely overview of these penthouses in Brazil! I loved how you also included main atractions around it as well as what to expect. I would love to visit Brazil one day! These are great options to consider on a future trip. I feel like they can be expensive, however. What do these penthouses typically go for? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sherry and thank you! Pricing depends on several factors including demand, availability, etc. but generally go for a couple hundred to a thousand per night. Penthouses often have multiple bedrooms, so traveling in a group and splitting the cost is definitely the way to go.

  3. Hello,

    What a nice compilation of paint house. I just feel like going on a vacation right away and lodging in this penthouses in Brazil. The Coral penthouse is a lovely house to lodge in and the Ipanema duplex penthouse is a very beautiful duplex to lodge with family. In short, all the collection are wonderful. I can’t wait to visit this nice places of nature and excitement. Thanks for the collection.


    1. Hi Pat, thank you! You mentioned some very solid choices. Wish you all the best in your travels 🙂

  4. Rio de Janeiro, the home of Brazilian soccer. This is a lovely overview of top notch pent houses available at Rio. Seriously, they look excellent and worthy of being lodged in when one visits Brazil. Though I have passed my time for vacation for now but Rio is a beautiful city that should be worthy to explore with great sites. I like the R. Vinícius de Moraes, 110 very well, its very cool.

    1. Thank you RoDarrick! Glad to hear that you have picked out some favorites in R. Vinicius de Moraes and 110. Rio truly is a beautiful city. Happy travels out there 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Brasil is popular but relatively cheap destination. I actually plan on moving on down there so I’m exploring my options. I don’t plan on buying a penthouse yet but I can afford more then comfortable apartments. So, I really appreciate your work and I will bookmark your website for future content. 


  6. Wow! I have never been to Rio! It looks beautiful. Some friends of mine visited during the big festival they host there. Do you know if the rates fixed or likely to change? If they are going to change, what is the cheapest time of year to visit? Which would be the cheapest place to stay during the festival?

    1. Hi Catherine and nice to see you again. Keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite, so probably July or August would be the best bet as far as cheapest rates. In keeping with that theme you can’t go wrong with Penthouse NS Copacabana, which will run you about $21 per night with four people.

  7. I’ve always loved the idea of visiting Brazil and with my scheduled holiday drawing closer by the day, I can only think of a few other places I’d rather be. Rio in particular seems to be highly cultural, and that is something I appreciate. The Rua Gomes Carneiro Penthouse seems like a very good fit for myself and my family. I like the availability of WiFi and the sea views. But what I find more appealing is that the Copacabana beach is within walking distance. Thanks for sharing 

  8. Interesting to see that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has amazing hotels we can enjoy on our visit. I love it when traveling with groups considering the fact that it feels more secure plus economical. It’s truly lovely to see that WiFi is one of the features of these Hotel. I love cooking too, so the equipped kitchen is another advantage for me and my group and most of these hotels have easy links to amazing bars too.

    1. Free WiFi and fully-equipped kitchens are some of the great features of these Rio de Janeiro hotels MrBiizy

  9. Very pleasing view from the penthouse in Rio, it lives to the expectation of an iconic city. I would love to stay in such a beautiful vicinity, comparatively the prices are very much affordable and all the penthouses have superb with the facility. I have already bookmarked your website for my future trip.

  10. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I have heard so much about the culture, entertainment and beautiful historical places in Brazil which i wanted to visit before this whole pandemic thing came up. But I never knew there are beautiful hotels in there before now.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, i will use this as a guide as soon as I am set for the tour.

    1. Hi there and thanks for the comments. Rio de Janeiro hotels showcase all of these great things you’ve mentioned, great points!

  11. Hey nice article you have there. Indeed Brazil is a unique country anyone will be priveledge to be , I have been wanting to spend this year’s summer holiday with my family in Brazil, this has led me into searching for a suit that will make our holiday a remarkable one. The penthouse NS Copacabana really got my attention with all the facilities it has and does close to it, it will definitely be a remarkable adventure to explore with my family.

  12. Hello there, This is an awesome article you have got here. The Rua Gomes Carneiro Penthouse has a lot of features including the body tech gym, which makes it a good choice for anyone like myself that has devoted himself to physical fitness. Also the price is affordable.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  13. Wow this is so much information on penthouses Brazil edition. I leant  that most areas in Rio de Janeiro are perfectly safe for tourists during the day. Anyways personally I think Rio see Janeiro state is a very perfect location for tourism. Perhaps after this lockdown I would consider trying it out. I must confess this penthouses are beautiful. Anyways I  will just save this article for reference purpose, it will serve as a guide for my journey. It’s filled with so much quality and useful content. 

    1. Hi Sheddy and welcome back! Rio is generally a safe place but you should take the same precautions that you would in any major city. Thank you for the comments and glad you found value in the information.

  14. hello! I love your site, it’s pretty amazing. it’s a lovely overview of these penthouses in Brazil! I’ve also loved the way that you’ve included the main attractions in the air, it’s amazing.

     Do you know if the rates are fixed or likely to change? If they are going to change, what is the cheapest time of year to visit the place? Which would be the cheapest place to stay during the festival?

    thanks for sharing…..


    1. Thank you Stephen! Generally the prices are pretty fixed, though summer or near Carnival time you may experience an increase due to highest demand. Keep in mind that summer is the opposite in the southern hemisphere.

  15. Brazil and Rio de Janeiro has been on my bucket list for many years, and after seeing this great post, it has reinforced my desire to go to South America. My first choice would be to be close to Copacabana beach, but there are so many beautiful places here, that it would be hard to decide which one. 

    Brazil is certainly a cheaper destination that some other cities and I love the fact that you have included places to see and visit in the nearby vicinity of each penthouse. 

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